Kick Me Video (courtesy of Brian Wong)

Lure of MECCG News

Ireful Flames - the Spanish version is better?

NEW Discoveries - Card Differences between Languages

New deck builder/saver collecting program from John May

Beautiful Art work by Robert Jan Hadam on the Long Expected Party Set and The Northern Waste Set

Curious what those Foreign and European cards with Different Art look like?

Great tips for new traders

Excellent Excel listing of all cards from MECCG in all languages, with all artist credits - with special thanks to Jim Montanus (Corrections and additions, as well as other data that should be displayed - please let me know)

Check out the great prices at Universal Cards

Some great info for Newbies and Veterans

Everyone should sign up on World MECCG Players List - this will make it easier when setting up regional & National tournaments!

A short note about Rarity in The Balrog