Foreign Promo's and Special Cards with Different Art

German Special promos - available in special gift boxes.  There are 3 promo's included in each box.
(click on each image to enlarge)


The following card was given out to winners of German tournaments

Spanish Special promo cards - these were released as part of the "beginners" set.

Spanish Wolf-Riders.  This promo is available in a number of dialects

Dutch Test of Form, and Lure of Nature

As long as you're looking at the Dutch Lure of Nature, check out these other Daelomins

Japanese Bane of the Ithil-Stone - is it different, or just better colors???

Dutch Great Ship - is it different, or just a different perspective?

How about this German Shadow of Mordor?

How about these Fellowships?  This is the Dutch Fellowship

This is the Finnish Fellowship.  And then the Japanese version
How do you like these Vanishments?  The 2nd one is from the Saruman Challenge Deck
Here is the Dutch Nazgul are Abroad
How about the Japanese version of Arouse Denizens
Or the Japanese version of Awaken Minions

An example of the Japanese Muster Disperses

Cameth Brin - and the Finnish Cameth Brin
Continuing at the fringe . . . . here's two Cave Drakes by different authors
More minor stuff - here's the Spanish The Hunt - the only think remarkable is that Short Event is in English not Spanish

Any other examples not listed here?  If so, please E-mail me with details