A reminder to oldsters and FYI for newbies: (thanks Charles!)

Here is First quarter 2001's version of the FAQ.  Contained herein you will find:

The MECCG Listserv.

This is a free service where you can ask your questions of the NetRep and others in an open forum.  It's a great resource to keep up-to-date on the lastest deck building techniques or new approaches to old ideas.

Listproc commands for metw@silent-tower.org:  send email to listproc@silent-tower.org with the word 'help' in the body.  This will give you all the info on enabling copies of your postings to be sent to you as well as others on the list, going on vacation, signing off, etc.

To unsubscribe from MECCG-L: send a blank e-mail to metw-unsubscribe@silent-tower.org

For additional commands: send a blank e-mail to metw-help@silent-tower.org

To peruse old articles: http://www.silent-tower.org/metw

Replying to comments:  Argue the merits of the idea, not the author (netiquette).  This list is by far much more civil and genteel than most.  At best, we can have fun and learn; at worst, we should agree to disagree.

Attachments: If you have a large attachment or an executable, please place that file on a website and send ONLY the URL to this list.  Forward messages only if the message is relevant and on topic AND after editing the message severely.

Fishing versus Trading (netiquette): Please stop a moment in your eagerness to engage in a trade and be sure you are sending your email to the right party.  If you are fishing for anyone (to see if they are biting), then metw@silent-tower.org is a fine place to cast your bait.  I, among others, give a quick glance to the fishing lists posted by traders who for whatever reason don't use Chris Cable's excellent services ( http://www.meccg.net/trading/ ).

We DO ask that when you have taken the bait (or hooked a fish) and are engaged in negotiations for the trade, please conduct them via private email.  Take the time to cut and paste the person's email address from the email to the "To:" box; using reply will bombard this list. Bombarding the list is in poor form; it causes the rest of us to question your familiarity with your software OR makes us jealous that we are not in on the trade.

Useful URLs:

If I've forgotten any resources, please let me know by Email