From:  Chad Martin <chad@t...> 
Date:  Mon Jul 15, 2002  5:08 am
Subject:  Rulings Digest #35
In Rulings Digest #34 I ruled:
"I play "Pallando the soul-keeper" as permanent event. At some part of
the game my oppenent plays an agent with less than 5 mind and I respond
by Withdrawn to Mordor and discarding Pallando. Am I right in supposing
that the Agent is eliminated?
*** Agents played as hazards are hazards. Agents played as characters 
are minions. You cannot use Pallando the Soul-keeper to eliminate a 
hazard agent."
This ruling is incorrect. The agent is, in fact, eliminated in this 
case. Minions are cards with a rusted purple background. They can be 
agents or not. Minion agents can be played as characters or hazards. 
No matter how they are played, they are still minons.
Clarification regarding the Middle-earth: The Balrog rules booklet:
The ME:BA rulesbook clearly defines what it considers new rules and what 
is considered a rules summary. Since this is delineated in the 
rulebook, the rules written in the Rules Summary section will not 
override those rules in the ME:LE rulebook when conflicts arise, though 
the ME:BA rulebook is a newer printing.
The main result of this is that followers of Wizards/Ringwraiths/Balrogs 
that aren't "Ringwraith Followers" by be influenced by an opponent, 
contrary to the ME:BA rules booklet.
Chad Martin
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