[Balrog minion] One Ring - Black Rain vs. Hero/Fallen

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[Balrog minion] One Ring - Black Rain vs. Hero/Fallen

Post by |Highwayman| » Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:58 am

Whispers of Rings
Gangways over the Fire
Doeth (Durthak)

Hill-troll x3
Crook-legged Orc x2
The Oracle's Ring x2
Dwarven Ring of Thelor's Tribe
Dwarven Ring of Thrar's Tribe
Magic Ring of Enigma x3
Orcs of Moria
Challenge the Power x3
Darkness Wielded x3
Piercing All Shadows
Sudden Call
Tookish Blood x2
Unhappy Blows x2
Diminish and Depart
Fori the Beardless
Rolled down to the Sea
In the Heart of his Realm x2

Will not Come Down x2
Cruel Claw Perceived x3
Power Relinquished to Artifice
Inner Cunning
Nobody's Friend

The Balrog x3

Black Rain x3
The One Ring*
Great Shadow x2
Great Fissure x3
Crack in the Wall x2
Weigh All Things to a Nicety x3
Dark Tryst x3
The Least of Gold Rings x3
A Little Gold Ring x2
Caverns Unchoked x2
The Under-roads x2
Piercing All Shadows
Voices of Malice x2
Ancient Secrets

An Unexpected Outpost x3
Call of Home x3
Mouth of Sauron
My Precious
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Pilfer Anything Unwatched x3
Rebel-talk x2
So You've Come Back x2
Nobody's Friend x2
Assassin x2
Cave-drake x2
Olog Warlords x2
Nameless Thing x2
Khamul the Easterling
Daelomin at Home

First of all this deck is designed to play in the Polish 1 deck format - meaning 1 deck games but 25 MP's needed to call the council

Start with Doeth in Moria and Umaguar with Grishnakh and Ufthak at The Under-gates - on turn one play either 2 Hill-trolls with Umaguar's company or a Hill-troll and The Balrog. Doeth moves between Moria and the Gates all game long picking up Stinker when he has the chance. Play Caverns Unchocked on The Under-gates to create a nice and safe connection between The Under-gates and Dimril Dale where you'll be playing Black Rain.
With Umaguar and co' go to Gem Deeps and Pukel Deeps to play 3-4 gold rings and auto-test them with Balrog (tests at -2 so you've got a pretty big chance of getting the Rings of Enigma - play them from Whispers of the Rings)
You can play 1 ring on Whispers from your sideboard per turn so on turn 1 and 2 you should play Enigmas there, test at the end of turn 2 to make room for new rings on Whispers. Turn 3 play your last Enigma on Whispers and test sometime along the way, turn 4 and 5 play a Dwarven Ring and a Spirit Ring on Whispers - on turn 5 you should try the Black Rain (preferebly 2 or best 3 at once) and either score a lot of MP's for rings or play The One Ring [transfered to Balrog during org phase on turn 6 and play Challenge the Power - Umaguar+Doeth(who joins the big team when they go to Dimril Dale)+2 or 3 Enigma-sages = good chances for winning)
Use Crack in the Wall, Great Fissure and Great Shadow and Darkness Weilded to hide from most of the attacks and try not to get killed on those attacks that brake through your defense.
Sideboard in Orcs of Moria when you have the chance to have a back-up faction points source in case you blow the Black Rain rolls for The One Ring

As for the Black Rain - it's very hard to do since your opponent has to have a character in his hand - you can always help him with that by playing Call of Home/Tookish Blood/Unhappy Blows and of course Pilfer. For most of the game you'll probalby play very little hazards as you need to stock up on them for the turn before your Black Rain try - then waste your opponent with all you've got and send 2 to 4 characters from play to his hand chances are pretty good that he'll keep at leats 1 of them on hand for you to play Black Rain.

Pilfer rocks the most in this deck as people rarely remember to put anti-agents cards in their decks or sideboards and Pilfer works even if your opponent has 20 free GI. Agents in this deck should cover 95% of hero or fallen-wizard decks - at leat 1 or 2 characters will be great targets for your Pilfer attempt and possibly there'll be more. Only purely elven hero deck is pretty much safe as most of hero elves have hero Havens for home-sites and no agent has those as his home-site - but still you can move Elwen to the right haven and try your luck Pilfering without the +5 bonus for home-site
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