[Minion Resource [Uvatha]] Going Ever Under Dark

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[Minion Resource [Uvatha]] Going Ever Under Dark

Post by Bandobras Took » Sun Aug 27, 2006 4:40 am

Ironically, the card whose name inspired the title of this deck is nowehere to be found in the decklist.

Starting Company:
Lieutenant of Morgul
2 x Goblin Earth-plumb

3 x Cave Troll
The Balrog
Great Bats

Variags of Khand

3 x Liquid Fire
3 x Blasting Fire
3 x Iron Shield of Old
Ancient Black Axe

Other Resources:
World Gnawed by the Nameless
3 x Far Below the Deepest Delvings
3 x Dark Tryst
3 x The Under-roads
Ancient Secrets
2 x Crept Along Cleverly
I'll Be At Your Heels

3 x Above the Abyss
Orcs of Dol Guldur
Sudden Call
2 x Ancient Secrets

Play Notes:

First and most obviously, this deck will not work against the Balrog.  This is because the linchpin of the deck is playing the Balrog ally.

On turn one, drop to the Sulfur Deeps.  Play Trolls and Tech if you've got them.

If not, hopefully you'll have a movement extender in hand for additional draw.

If you've got the necessary cards to get the Balrog on turn two, go straight there (Blasting Fire to cancel all auto attacks and the Balrog ally).  If not, go to the Pukel Deeps for some Iron Shields.

If you've not drawn the Balrog ally by turn three, move to the Under Gates anyway.  You should likely draw him.  If not, bounce off with Far Below or World Gnawed (side note: World Gnawed returns to your hand, so you can move to 3 or 4 under-deeps sites in a turn if you really need card draw).  Make sure that you know which Under-Deeps sites connect where so that you don't accidentally block yourself off.  Also note that you can circumvent Rivers/Unabated with Far Below or World Gnawed by simply moving to a different site.

If possibly, Play the Ancient Black Axe for your extra Under Deeps item at the Under Gates.  If not, get it at Mount Gundabad and any remaining Shields/Tech items.  Go to the Iron-Deeps and play whatever Trolls you have left.  Pop up to Carn Dum and call.

Uvatha sits at the Variag Camp until you get your faction.  If your opponent's running a man hazard strategy, though, it may be safer to drop the Variags and simply sideboard in the haven factions.

Make sure to play the Balrog ally with the Lieutenant -- that way your opponent has to roll a 12 to kill off Morgul.

Which brings us to the weak point of this deck -- as soon as the Lieutenant of Morgul plays the Balrog ally, he becomes target boy.  Losing your Lieutenant will be at least a 7 MP swing.  Stay Her Appetite will bite you hard if you're not careful (it's a good idea to give the Lieutenant of Morgul the Ancient Black Axe ASAP for that reason -- if you don't defeat the strike, the Balrog will be gone).

Another weakness is the amount of items.  A dedicated corruption strategy will likely give this deck fits.  I'll be at your Heels is only a minor mitigation.

Liquid Fire should completely eviscerate Sell-Swords and Nameless Things (not to mention ubiquitous Dwarven Travelers/Maia at Ruins & Lairs).  Blasting Fire can do the same thing to auto attacks.  Between Cave-Trolls, Earth-Plumbs, Iron Shields, and Under-Roads, you'll have to roll negative before you fail to move between sites.  Elf-Lords can't touch your main company, but they can hit Uvatha if you have him move (those more interested in safety can play the straight up squatter, but you'll only get a 1 MP faction, and this deck will likely need every point).

At any rate, it's fun to play, and it's a rare minion under-deeps deck these days that doesn't feature the Balrog as an avatar.  Enjoy!

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