[hero resource; vs hero] The dwarves are making MPs!!

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[hero resource; vs hero] The dwarves are making MPs!!

Post by Manuel » Fri Aug 11, 2006 9:50 pm

The deck I've been toying around for the last couple of weeks:

Starting Pool:

Thrain II


Other characters in deck:

Radagast x3
Glorfindel II
Thorin II

Resources (30)

Durin's axe

Blue Mountain Dwarves
Petty Dwarves
Elves of Lindon
Rangers of the North

Tom Bombadil
Noble Hound

Smoke rings x3
Forearmed means forewarned x2
Risky Blow x3
The dwarves are upon you! x2
Muster x3
A friend or three
Marvels Told x3
A short rest x3

Hazards (vs hero)

Mouth of Sauron
Lobelia SackVille-Baggins
Daelomin at home
Cave drake x2
Cave worm x2
Rain drake x2
Sellswords between charters x2
Corsairs of Umbar

Twilight x3
An unexpected outpost x3
Revealed to all watchers
Lure of the senses x2
Alone and unadvised x2
Lure of Nature
The roving eye
The balance of things

Key sideboard cards:

Alliance of Free Peoples
And forth he hastened x2
Wizard uncloaked
gates of the morning x2
Wizard's laughter
(rest of usual useful stuff :) )

Pretty straightforward Eriador hero deck; dwarves are fine because of couple of dwarf factions (and elves of lindon do not penalize dwarves anyway) and especialy good because of Lure of Nature being a threat for this deck. I usually play the wizard and wait at a haven one turn with him (tapping to get some vanishment/and forth he hastened) to get a strong partner -> that's why there are so many companions in deck (you should shuffle in the deck  4 of them after the draft, Thranduil, Beorn, Glorfindel and Thorin II will surely be good partners for Raddy)

You can go with 4 dwarf company and 2-big guy/wizard's company, although after having played Tom, it is safe to send a not too strong company of two dwarves to make the MPs in his zone - Send Gloin and Oin along with Tom, and then, depending on what MPs do you have in hand, you can make another big fellowship or have two more companies (Thrain / Raddy) ; I usually go for the max-split choice because they are all high prowess characters and Ioreth at Rivendel with MT x3 and Smoke Rings x3 should keep Alone and Unadvised at bay (or at least try)

Avoid the northern regions as much as you can, you dont like cave worms. I usually play the one greater item at The Stones, therefore the only serious trouble would be Rain-drakes and the ocassional trip to blue mountain dwarf hold and Goblin-Gate; then again, high prowess guys with Risky Blow, weapons and some not too bad rolls should make it for you.

The deck scores a good amount of points and exausts itself really quick; dwarves are much important for it to work so I dont see it being so reliable against Minion decks due to the Arkenstone. I used it on a small tourney today and scored 17 of 18 possible TPs, even playing against a minion deck packing Arkenstone; since most of the minion decks that play it move around Dragon Land, perhaps using this deck vs minion while packing good tech vs Dragon Land decks could be the way to go, that's what I did at it worked, but then again doesn't seem so much reliable to me... using some different characters and factions and replacing those Dwarves are upon you x2 for Gates of the Morning x2 might help if planning to use this deck vs minions.

I post this deck here to hear suggestions, so they are truly welcome!


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Post by Zarathustra » Sat Aug 12, 2006 2:08 am

Give it a name! :D

Alliance of Free Peoples is just begging to be in your sideboard with either the Hillmen or the Dunlendings.

Roving Eye probably belongs in the sb, since you will just discard it if you draw it early or if your opponent is not playing relevant items.

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Post by Manuel » Sat Aug 12, 2006 10:29 am

heh, thanks, now it is named :)

Yep, Roving eye will go to sb, thanks. Definately belongs to it.

As for the Alliance of the Free Peoples w/Dunland or Hillmen, actually the Hillmen are in there, quite fine because they are in Tom's zone; it's just that I forgot to type them =) Editting now.

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Post by tarkin84 » Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:08 am

If you hadn't corrupted king Aragorn you would have scored fewer points. Anyway, I'm proud to be the one who managed to steal that one point from you. I'm looking forward for revenge! :D

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Post by Manuel » Sun Aug 13, 2006 2:17 pm

Balance of things + Alone and Unadvised = Corrupted Gorn!! =P

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