[minion resource] Under-Grottos One Ring Deck

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[minion resource] Under-Grottos One Ring Deck

Post by Zarathustra » Sun Jul 16, 2006 6:48 pm

This is the final installment in the "complete" resource taxonomy I began last summer.  Reflecting on the project, I have to admit that the later decks are often less thought-through, contain more stock cards, and are perhaps less interesting to the average reader, but the comprehensiveness of the project could not be sacrificed for such concerns.  It gives me great pleasure to present this gift to the meccg-community, and I can only hope that it finds some who appreciate the hours of work and innovation that went into it.  In the end, I suppose that the value of this resource will be shown by the effect it has on deck lists throughout the international community.  I have already witnessed some results in the use of the fifty-or-so decks I donated to GCCG a few months ago.  Perhaps the total wealth of deck lists here will one day be transfered to GCCG so that players can expand their repertory without the huge investment of time necessary if one builds the decks from scratch.  In any case, I am proud to have completed this project nearly alone, and I thank the dozen-or-so informal collaborators who contributed their own ideas here.


Lt of Morgul
Taladhan / Open to the Summons
Radbug / Paste

Characters in Deck:



3 The Lidless Eye
3 The Great Eye
2 Eye Never Sleeping
3 A Nice Place to Hide
3 Orc-Quarrels

3 Gold Ring that Sauron Fancies
3 A Little Gold Ring
1 Scroll of Isildur

2 Voices of Malice
3 Test of Fire
1 The One Ring
3 Weigh All Things to a Nicety

Key Sideboard Cards:

World Gnawed by the Nameless
2 Well Preserved

Play Tips:

The recommended site path is:  Moria --> Goblin Gate --> Under-Grottos.  Test your rings at either +1 or +2 (if you managed to get the scroll on turn 1).  If no luck with The One, move to the Under-Gates on the next turn, play the scroll there, and test again.  Taladhan can pull a surprise heal on wounded characters with Well-Preserved.  If you manage to pull the One Ring, make a run for Barad Dur through the underdeeps with World Gnawed.

Good luck!

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