[Minion vs. any] Big Eye C U

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[Minion vs. any] Big Eye C U

Post by Fëanor » Sun Jun 11, 2006 8:58 pm

[Minion vs. any] "Big Eye C U"

Starting Cards:
Pon Opar
Strange rations x2

Thing of Fire
The Mithril-coat
Necklace of Girion
Black Mace
High Helm
Grey Mountain Goblins
Great lord of Goblin-gate
Regiment of Black Crows
Great Bats
Sauron x3
The Dark Power x3 (1 should be 1 Great Eye)
A Nice place to hide x3
Eye Never Sleeping x3
Voices of Malice x2
The Great Eye x2 (should be 3)
Orc Stealth x2
Crept Along Cleverly
Down down to goblin-town

Any. I have so forth used a standard wolf/spider/animal hazard deck.

Orc Captain
Euog (Ulzog)
Orc Sniffler x2
Wuluag, Tuma and Burath
Weigh all things to a nicety x3
Piercing all shadows x2
crept along cleverly x2
Voices of Malice
The Iron Crown
Orcs of Gundabad
Sudden Call

Comments are welcome!

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