[Balrog Resource] To Challenge the Power

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[Balrog Resource] To Challenge the Power

Post by Bandobras Took » Fri Oct 14, 2005 2:02 am

This is likely to be the only Balrog deck I ever make, since I can't stand the Balrog, but feel I ought to make one.  Suggestions are welcome (and, since I suck with the Balrog, more than likely required).

Starting Company:

Doeth (Durthak)

Orders From the Great Demon
Whispers of Rings

Nasty Slimy Thing

Scroll of Isildur
3 x A Little Gold Ring

3 x Roots of the Earth
3 x Ancient Secrets
3 x Great Fissure
3 x Dark Tryst
3 x Catch an Elusive Scent
3 x Test of Fire
3 x Angband Revisited
Flame of Udun
World Gnawed by the Nameless
2 x The Under-roads

3 x Sly Southerner
3 x Challenge the Power
3 x Magic Ring of Enigma
The One Ring
3 x Orc Sniffler

The basic idea is to have the Balrog set up Roots at the Under-Grottoes (Nasty Slimy Thing is useful here),  then Thorough Search Gold Rings with Gorbag & Co. while the Balrog goes and gets the Scroll.  Do not put the Balrog in the testing company until you have the One.  Once you've got the one (and hopefully a couple of Magic Rings of Enigma for some extra sages), Challenge the Power in the privacy of your home away from home.

How it plays out may be something else entirely . . .

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