[Hazard, vs Hero] The Dragons

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[Hazard, vs Hero] The Dragons

Post by fanfarian » Tue Sep 20, 2005 7:05 pm

Try to get a good Dragon Hazard Strategy.
Your Opponent has to travel in the North-East to effect anything with this Hazards. If you know that it's good, if not use other Hazards.
Here we go:

1x Agburanar at Home
1x Daelomin at Home
1x Smaug at Hunt
1x Itangast at Hunt
2x Cave Worm
3x Cave Drake
3x Assassin
1x Ambusher

1x Deftness of Agility
1x Exile of Solitude
2x Prowess of Age
2x Rumor of Wealth
3x Doors of Night
1x Velocity of Haste
3x Dragon's Blood
1x Parsimony of Seclusion
2x Summons from long Sleep
1x Reveal to all Watchers

The Deck has to be improved to catch other countries, so write your suggestions
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Post by Bandobras Took » Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:24 am

If you want a generic Dragon Strategy, here are a few suggestions.

Withered Lands + Fever of Unrest.  Any Dragon almost Anywhere.

Long Dark Reach + anything.

If you include creatures playable keyed to Shadow-Holds, stick in some Frenzy of Madness and Itangast some poor fool heading to the Goblin-Gate or Mount Gram.  Or the Under-Leas.

Nature's Revenge+Dragon's Desolation: Smaug hits the Southron Oasis.  Combine this one with Withered Lands, and Smaug hits the Variag Camp, Dunharrow, Isengard, and even the Vale of Erech.

Parsimony of Seclusion is vital.  Any of the above combos can let you play Agburanar more than a couple of a times on an opponent in one turn if you happen to have this card in your hand.

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