[fallen wizard Pallando] Sitting all over middle earth

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[fallen wizard Pallando] Sitting all over middle earth

Post by Leon » Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:43 pm

Guess this deck is the FW variant of home site squatting with Saw Further and Deeper. The idea is to get all 3 or more MP factions in borderholds into play and only move twice in the whole game. It is theoretically possible to get 24 faction points and 16 character points into play.

The starting group, Firiel, Beretar and Annalena (5 points for 2 GI) move to Bree first turn and from that moment on you start boring your opponent to death by only playing guys at borderholds and cancel the few hazards he ll play on you. The only drawback is that you get to 6 or so separate groups, so your opponent can run a bit through his deck.

In the end you move once to get an item. If anyone has an idea to get an item without moving out of borderholds that are anyones home site, please notify me.


Foul-smelling Paste
Thrall of the Voice
Pallando's Apprentice


Wizard's Myrmidon
Truths of Doom
Gatherer of Loyalties
Great Patron
Variags of Khand
Men of Dorwinion
2 Saw Further and Deeper
2 Longbottom Leaf
2 Marvels Told
Woses of Old Pukel-land
Woses of the Druadan Forest
Rangers of the North
Rangers of Ithilien
2 Awaiting the Call
2 Ruse
Ready to His Will
2 More Sense than You
2 Forewarned Is Forearmed
2 Voices of Malice
Hauberk of Bright Mail

Knights of the Prince
Indur Dawndeath
Spider of the Morlat
Uvatha the Horseman
3 Full of Froth and Rage
Smaug at Home
3 Lesser Spiders
3 Giant Spiders
2 Shadow of Mordor
3 Doors of Night
3 River
2 No Way Forward
2 Enchanted Stream
2 Fell Turtle

3 Mischief in a Mean Way
Prophet of Doom
Bill the Pony
2 Wild Horses
Horns, Horns, Horns
2 Tribute Garnered
2 No Strangers at this Time
2 Noble Steed
2 Noble Hound
No News of Our Riding
2 Tempering Friendship
Ready to His Will
Spawn of Ungoliant
No Escape from My Magic
Pallando (fw)
2 Muster
2 Dark Quarrels
Hauberk of Bright Mail
2 Flies and Spiders

Bandobras Took
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Post by Bandobras Took » Fri Sep 23, 2005 1:48 pm

Sideboard in Plotting Ruin or Heart Grown cold.  A lot of the Border Holds will then have minion major items playable.

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