[hero resource] Unexpected Party up North

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[hero resource] Unexpected Party up North

Post by Zarathustra » Thu Sep 22, 2005 5:37 am

This deck relies on the notion of the dispensibility of cannonfodder (e.g. Bombur).


Thrain II / Cram
Gloin / Cram

In Deck:


3 Pallando
1 Cirdan


3 A Chance Meeting
2 A Friend or Three
3 An Unexpected Party
2 Cup of Farewell
2 Marvels Told
2 Smoke Rings

3 Many Foes he Fought
3 Escape

1 Durin's Axe
1 Emerald of the Mariner
1 Enruned Shield
1 Glamdring
1 Narsil
1 Orcrist
1 The Mithril Coat
1 Torque of Hues
1 Wormsbane

1 Iron Hill Dwarves


Anything, really.

Key Sideboard Cards:

1 Elves of Lindon
1 A Friend or Three
1 Arrows Shorn of Ebony
1 Gwaihir
2 Healing Herbs
1 Marvels Told
1 Men of Dorwinion
1 Noble Steed
1 Power Against the Shadow
1 The Arkenstone (protection against minion arkenstone)
1 Thror's Map

Play Tips:

Get out to the Heath and stay there.  Use the haven squatters to grab the Map and other useful Minors from your sb.  They also get 3 character MPs, 2 extra cards in hand, and 2 faction MPs.  Not bad!  Meanwhile, build up some beefy dwarves and try to acquire the Alliance.  If possible, don't discard a cram for a greater in the dragon country first turn.  Rather, go for a major at the Wind Throne.  But always go for what you have in hand of course....

MP Breakdown:

Character: 11
Item: ~12
Faction: 6-9-12
Ally: 1-3
Total: ~30-35-38

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Post by stone troll » Tue Sep 27, 2005 6:29 pm

I've found that Pledge of Conduct can be a very useful sideboard card in dwarf decks that carry those hefty items with big corruption (e.g. arkenstone and axe), or just in general. SB in the Pledge and use it at the Council.  Pass a corruption check on Thrain, for instance, holding something small.  Then, when Kili holding the Arkenstone faces his cc, use Gloin + Pledge to automatically shift the item to Thrain, who has already passed his cc!  8)

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