[hobbit ressources] hazard vs wizard, fallen, minions

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[hobbit ressources] hazard vs wizard, fallen, minions

Post by Talrun » Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:40 pm

Hi all

What do you think about this deck ?

Starting company:

fatty with cram
Sam Gamgee  with cram

starting pool
folco boffin
robin smallburrow


Hobbit lore  X2
Marvels told
Promptings of wisdom
A short rest
Smoke ring X3
Longbottom leaf
Dark Quarrels X3
Halflings strength X2
Halfling stealth X3
Concealment X3
A chance Meeting X2

Wizard ring
Elves of lindon
Book of mazarbul
Earth of galadriel orchard
Rangers of the north
Blue mountain dwarves


Bill the pony

The idea is to go with Frodon and fatty to lorien take the earth and store at Bag end.  Sideboard come Bill, hobbits and play on bag end.

The rest of the hobbits go collect some item, ally.

When Gandalf is there go for faction and take some hobbit lore to bring into play cirdan or elrond.

For the Hazard:

Against Minions and Fallen:

Assassin X2
cave drake X3
mouth of sauron
namelles thing
ghost X2
marsh drake X2
balrog of moria
lady of the golden wood

inner rot
reaveled to all watcher
seized by terror
power relinquished to artifice
so you've come back
diminish and depart
in the grip of ambition
an unexpected outpost X2
lure of nature X2
alone and unadvised X2
foolish words
rebel talk

tidings of doubt and danger
tookish blood X3
call of home
muster disperses

Against wizard:

orc warriors X3
orc lieutenant X3
orc warband X3
uruk lieutenant X3
hobgobelins X3

minion stir X3
reaveled to all watcher
an unexpected outpost X3
two or three tribes present X2
pierced by many wounds X2
doors of night X3

What do you think ?

Thanks for advice

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Doji Lio
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Post by Doji Lio » Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:43 pm

I play similar ressources, including Strider to fetch Lobellia from discard pile and use her to fetch hobbit (Bag Untap with Malorm) and Bill

Old Tuk
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Post by Old Tuk » Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:26 pm

Some thoughts:

1) Put the dwarven faction to SB as you will need it late game (when storing the Book)

2) Put Safe from the shadow to SB so you can play the combo in your lst turn.

3) Use only 4 hobbits (Merry out) to make some GI free. Call of home really sucks with hobbits. And 2 hobbit-only companies make you very, very vulnerable against a lot of hazards (River, Muster Disperses etc...)

4) Put Lobelia to the hazard deck to prevent Pilfer. The problem is you will either need Bag-End or (preferably) Bree for the agent. Put at least one Withdrawn to Mordor to deck / SB. Another often played agent who hurts your deck is Dror (Twisted Tales!).

5) Why is the Balrog of Moria in your hazard deck? That might hurt you more than a Minion opponent as you even go to Lorien in your deck!

6) In a game vs Minion the fallen specific hazards are pretty much dead cards. And even in a game vs fallen they dont hurt that much if you draw them too early. -> to anti-FW SB

7) Who is going to influence the dwarves. I cant see any character who can make it without a lot of dice roll fortune. The Wizard shouldnt do the job because he might not have the Book with him.

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