[Fallen Saruman Resource] Ruin of the North

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[Fallen Saruman Resource] Ruin of the North

Post by Bandobras Took » Fri Jul 28, 2006 2:46 am

He moved up North by the end of the books, let's see what happens in the game . . .

Starting Company:
Mauhur w/Thrall of the Voice and a Binding Ring
Mionid w/Binding Ring
Ciryaher w/The Forge Master

Shagrat (for Mauhur)
Nevido Smod (For Mionid)
Doeth (for Ciryaher)

Regiment of Black Crows
Two-Headed Troll
2 x War-Warg
2 x War-Wolf

Minion Dunlendings
Minion Hillmen
Hero Angmarim

Minion Palantir of Osgiliath
Minion Palantir of Elostirion
Keys to the White Towers
2 x Broad-Headed Spear

Other Resources:
A Strident Spawn
Gatherer of Loyalties
Fortress of the Towers
Great Patron
Saruman's Machinery
Wizard's Myrmidon
2 x Voices of Malice
2 x Threats
2 x Gifts as Given of Old
2 x Under His Blow
2 x Swift Strokes

3 x Half-orcs
3 x Greater Half-orcs
The White Hand
2 x Focus Palantir
Shameful Deeds
A Merrier World
2 x Saw-toothed Blade
White Light Broken
Govern the Storms

Play Notes:

On the first turn, use Forge-Master to give a Saw-Toothed Blade to Mauhur.  He will then be a 3-Mind 8/9 character, which is a bargain if I ever heard one.  Have him take some trophies along the way.

Ciryaher squats at the White Towers, using the Palantir of Elostirion when it comes.

In the Meantime, your other company goes and gets a Palantir of Osgiliath at the Lossadan Cairn (give to Saruman for Permanent Event cancelling), threatens the Angmarim at a Hero Carn Dum (hence Éowyn), the Hillmen at a Minion Cameth Brin (you're overt), and the Dunlendings at a Minion Clan-Hold.  The factions help each other into play, somewhat.

Allies should be played as convenient; it's to be hoped that you can play the Regiment at the Barrow-Downs or Lossadan Cairn.

If you didn't get your three exterior factions, sideboard in a Half-Orc faction or two and get your White Hand.  Merrier World's in the sideboard in case Éowyn does some Nazgul stomping in Angmar.

Edit: On second thought, take out a couple of War-Wolves and put in a couple of I'll Report Yous.

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