[hero resource; Morannon One Ring Squat]

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[hero resource; Morannon One Ring Squat]

Post by Zarathustra » Tue Jul 04, 2006 2:13 pm

This little beauty of a deck makes only 3 moves all game: to Dead Marshes on turn 1, to Morannon on turn 2, and to Mt. Doom on the last turn.  While at Morannon, use Lucky Search to find some Gold Rings and the Scroll of Isildur, then test and run!


Aragorn with Cram
Bilbo with Healing Herbs
Fatty Bolger

Folco Boffin

Characters in Deck:

3 Alatar


3 Morannon
3 Lucky Search
3 Concealment
3 Stealth
3 Smoke Rings
3 Longbottom Leaf

3 Bridge
3 Master of Esgaroth

1 Enruned Shield


3 Tookish Blood
9 Nazgul
1 Mouth
1 Daelomin at Home

Whatever else you like (snowstorm is nice; so is corruption, or just grab bag).

Key Sideboard Cards:

3 Wizard's Test
2 Test of Form
3 Precious Gold Ring
1 Scroll of Isildur

Play Tips:

Folco bounces back and forth off the Easterling Camp using Bridge and Forced March.

Use Lucky Search to find the Shield; then sideboard in the scroll and the Gold Rings (with Longbottom Leaf) and recycle the Lucky Searches with Smoke Rings.  Alatar hopes to teleport over to the Morannon company when your opponent plays a creature.  If this turns out to be impossible, he can make the trek to Mt Doom alone using Stealth and Concealment to protect him (if he starts at Edhellond, he can get there in one turn using Master of Esgaroth to bounce off the Variag Camp).

I've never actually played this deck, but it seems like it might work.  If anyone gives it a try, let me know.

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