[hero resource] Quick Lucky Search Deck

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[hero resource] Quick Lucky Search Deck

Post by Zarathustra » Sat Dec 24, 2005 6:45 pm

This is an adaptation of a deck I have used in 1-deck games in the past.  It relies on speeding through the cards to score a ton of item points very quickly with the help of Lucky Search.  Risky, but fast and potentially devastating to an unprepared opponent.  Give it a try if you're in the mood for madness this Christmas.

Starting Cards:

Strider / Cram
Thorin / Cram

In Deck:

3 Radagast


3 Lucky Search
3 Risky Blow
2 Helm of Her Secrecy
3 Dark Quarrels
2 A Friend or Three
3 Smoke Rings

3 Gates of Morning
2 Cock Crowed

1 Enruned Shield
1 Emerald of the Mariner
1 Wormsbane
1 Orcrist
1 Durin's Axe
1 Mithril Coat
1 Glamdring
1 Narsil

1 Stinker

Key Sideboard Cards:

A chance Meeting
Rangers of the North
Blue Mountain Dwarves
Tom Bombadil
Noble Hound
Cock Crowed
Mount Slain

Play Tips:

Your main sites are going to be Mount Gundabad, Mount Gram, Carn Dum, Goblin Gate, and Moria.  Spend the first two or three turns getting 2 items (hopefully) out of each site: quarrel your way in, play an item, lucky search for another.  Use Smoke Rings to send items back into the deck so that you have a high probability of drawing one early, saving your big scouts from getting chomped up by the Lucky Search strike.

Radagast can either join up with the 4 questers, or tap to sideboard in the  ACM, move to draw a ton of cards, and play a big character for 3 MPs at a :B:.  Next turn tap him again, move to draw, and play your faction or Tombo.  Smoke Rings can bring in these cards, alternatively.

I've found just having Hama in the starting company often keeps my opponent from hitting me with Nazgul; the Helm trick is too obvious.  So, if you want to psych out your opponent, drop Eowyn and the 2 Helms for a Longbottom or ACM or Concealment or Crept Along Carefully.  Or switch Eowyn for Hama and use Concealments.

Hama is guaranteed to be the first of your characters hit by Seized by Terror, and with 2 Mind, he's an almost-assured loss (12/13 chance of losing him).  In fact, Seized/Call of Home is one of the main worries of this deck, so get your items on the first 2 turns and don't go back into the :s: or :d:.  Stinker, though a wimp, is playable at two different :S:s, which makes him a must in any Lucky Search deck.

Don't play Doors of Night.  Play hazards that will hurt your opponent when he inevitably comes to influence or cvcc you.  Having Eowyn around will make Malady Akhor think twice (though he'll probably come anyway and just malady HER).

All in all a fun deck with high potential to win quickly and hugely, or get torn to bits.  Use at own risk.

MP Breakdown:

Character: 9
Ally: 2-5
Faction: 3-6
Item: 12-20
Kill: 0-5
Total: 26-45

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Post by Wacho » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:03 pm

Stinker, though a wimp, is playable at two different s, which makes him a must in any Lucky Search deck.
Don't you mean Gollum?  :wink:

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Post by Zarathustra » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:37 pm

Yeah, you get the idea ;)

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Post by Mystic Dragon » Fri Dec 30, 2005 2:53 pm


I've been thinking of Thorough Search. Seems to me a fairly powerful card if built around it and I remember fondly of my first few speed major items decks when METW was released. But I haven't seen it utilised much in competitive decks. Is there a ruling on it that I'm not aware of? Other than greater item is taken off?

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Post by Zarathustra » Mon Jan 02, 2006 7:19 pm

The problem with thorough search is having enough characters (untapped) to use it effectively.  If you're lucky enough to get to a site with 2 items and 4 characters untapped (or 3 untapped and a canceler for the auto-attack), then thorough search can be quite powerful.  Otherwise, it's a waste of space in the deck.

Lucky search is a bit better than thorough search in this regard, because you don't need the 2nd item in hand (in fact you want it NOT in hand), and you only need 3 untapped characters (or 2 and a canceler) to get into the site.  Furthermore, you can get bigger items with lucky search.  The best item to TS is durin's axe, which is unique.  Everything else you might try for is worth at best 2 MPs.  LS, by contrast, can get 4-MP items.

However, a TS ring deck might be playable: get 2 gold rings out of each site with an unexpected party or something like that.  You'd have to start 2 Rumors of Rings to make it feasible, but it could be quite quick.

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Stryder and hobbits on crack.

Post by diving coconut » Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:35 am

You're right this deck is risky as hell, but very exciting to play. I know you said play any hazard strategy. However , what do you suggest is most efficient considering its resource direction?

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