[NL] Threads & moved in another forum

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[NL] Threads & moved in another forum

Post by Gwaihir » Thu Aug 19, 2004 8:38 pm

We haved merged in the threads from the former Dutch Council forum (meccg-nl at ezboard.com) and closed it at its old location.

A few of the threads we moved in are written in Dutch. We have labeled them [NL]. As this board is not yet ready to go multi-lingual, we locked these threads for now. Please keep all postings you make in the English language.

Users from this old ezboard could unfortunately not be ported over, as their personal details (such as e-mail address) were not visible even to the administrator. If you were a user there, please register afresh here. Then you can drop me (Gwaihir) a PM to let me know which posts are yours and I'll credit them to you once more. If your e-mail address there was still correct you received an e-mail about this.

I noticed the sorting still keeps the rather old threads we moved in on top of the list. I had expected it to sort by last-post date. Sorry about the inconvenience. I looked into this, but it is sadly woven rather deep into the fabric of the board. Changing it would be a disproportionate amount of work, alas.
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