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Post by Gwaihir » Sat May 08, 2004 3:03 pm project status
May 8, 2004

Some two months ago our host rigorously upgraded its hosting plans. now has about 800MB of disk space and 40GB of monthly transfer available at no additional cost. Our plans to host this site on a distributed hosting model have therefore been put on hold, as we won't need them for quite some time to come.

Should you need a webshost yourself for your work or hobby, I can recommend ours, It gives a good quality of service and excellent value for money.

This site gets one month free hosting if you refer to us during sign up (there is probably a field for that by now) or by sending an email to shortly after sign up (Wim Heemskerk / /

Currently offering
(Click the links to go to the specific section or find more info)
Mailinglist archive and info
Hosting and archiving for MeCCG websites (info) (index)
Forums for talk about MeCCG as well as construction [you are here :D]
Private forums for MeCCG councils and projects

Under construction
The major chunk of programming work currently underway is a catalog of all MeCCG product and cards. Work is being done to make the data available in as practical a way as we can think of.

Next up?
This part is open for debate: we will try to work on the most eagerly awaited things first.

The step after this will probably be making as system that enables select people to easily enter more data into this catalog. The data we have currently is far from complete (did you ever notice that there are only spoilers on the net for english card text?).

An alternative next step may be making an easy way for people to refer to cards on this forum, by linking to them. Personally however I'd rather not spend too much time on upgrading this forum software, as I've already seen enough of it to know it will not be our long term product choice. But perhaps a phpBB savvy person will step in to do the phpBB specific part of this taks? - The Middle-earth CCG store
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