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Available: project / council forums

Post by Gwaihir » Wed May 05, 2004 10:49 pm

If you are working or want to work on an MeCCG related project, you might want to consider using a private forum at MeCCG.net as the means for internal communication. We'd be happy to provide such for all (legal) projects. I can tell from first hand experience that for the NetRep team (the four people that thorougly debate the rulings) it works wonders.

Some of the advantages:
- messages are sorted and archived per topic, for fast reference of "the whole discussion"
- people jumping in later (or out of the loop for a while) can easily read up and messages are not lost when a key member of the team has to break of unexpectedly
- the group moderator (you?) can add / remove access to the board as appropriate. This can also be used to get the "advisory attention" of certain very experienced folks roaming this board.
- a "reminder mail" function is available to get members back to the board when a period of silence has ended.
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