Available: MeCCG web archiving and hosting

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Available: MeCCG web archiving and hosting

Post by Gwaihir » Wed May 05, 2004 10:25 pm

MeCCG web archiving
We hate to see good MeCCG content get lost! If you ran or know about an MeCCG website that is no longer maintained and that is about to be taken off-line (or has already been taken off-line), please inform us (for example by PM to Josh Hunholz or me here or by e-mail to webmaster-at-meccg.net). Don't forget to include contact info on the webmaster.

We would like to archive it here to keep its content available. Once we get that far we will integrate all the great stuff into one easily accessible website. This goes for MeCCG sites in any language.

MeCCG web hosting
Are you running a Middle-earth CCG website but do you have trouble finding a good place for it? We are happy to offer you hosting on the MeCCG.net server. This goes for MeCCG sites in any language and on any scale.

Hosting: procedure / rules

Place & usage
We'll find you an appropriate URL of the form meccg.net/yourthing. Preferences? Do tell :D. The space is to be used strictly for MeCCG related matters only. Note that certain URLs  may not be available to you permanently. (Example: at the time of writing this /worlds gives you the worlds 2004 site. Next year it will likely be given to the worlds 2005 folks.)

One person (and one person per site only) gets FTP access at ftp.meccg.net. This account is strictly personal (for accountability reasons). You will get your username and password directly from Josh or me and if the task is to be passed on, the new person will get a new username and password again directly from Josh or me.

When you access this ftp account you will find yourself in the correct folder already. You can add (and remove) subfolders as suits you.

For the occasional urgent change while you're out of town you can give us name and e-mail of one or two buddies that you'd like able to make such updates. Either of these authorized people can then contact Josh or me to do such a small but important update.

Possibilities and risks
The server supports the php scripting language. You can also obtain (access to) a MySQL database if so desired, as well as off-web space and the cron (for timed tasks). An e-mail forward (yourthing-at-meccg.net) is possible as well.

Do note and respect that this is a live server upon which many people depend: if you are not exactly sure what you are doing, please have it looked over by someone who does (we can find one for you) and at least let us know (so we know where to look first when signs of trouble pop up).

Space is not likely to be a problem for some time to come. However, please check in advance on those rare occasions that you plan on adding something exceptionally big to your site (> 50MB growth within a single month).

You are strongly advised to keep a (master) copy of all files you upload on your own machine, as a backup.

Link to MeCCG.net
A prominent link back to the MeCCG.net home page is greatly appreciated.

Advertisements on your site are NOT allowed, with the following exception: you are allowed to advertise those people and firms that sponsor / have sponsored your MeCCG event(s) by providing free or significantly discounted products and / or services for the event.

MeCCG.net is all about keeping MeCCG alive and MeCCG information up to date. If your site goes stale and you yourself dissapear off radar (seemingly) permanently, we reserve the right to allow others to continue where you left off and / or to integrate your content into the main site (as it develops).

I hope this covers all. If not, I'll edit it in.
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