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Forum rules

Post by Strider » Sun Mar 28, 2004 12:06 am

Forum Rules
1. Anyone under the age of 13 must ask a parent or legal guardian permission before using the forum
2. No Spamming
3. No attacks or 'Flame Wars' on other members
4. This is a newbie friendly forum. Be considerate of new players
5. This forum is for fun. If you want to do buisness with another member, send him/her a personal message (PM)
6. Remember that there are members from around the world, so be tolerant if their spelling may be different and respect their cultural sensitivities.  
7. Impersonating a member is a no-no. Believe me when I say I will ban you forever.
8. Do not post links to any pages (yours, or others) that have illegal or adult content. Check out the faq in the dreamcards section if you have any doubts on what exactly is / isn't allowed here.
9. No religious controversy
10. And I will not tolerate any harsh language and/or sexual references
11. The trading forums here are for trading information, NOT advertisements. There is the excellent trade center at where you can offer your cards for trade and sale as well as post which you're looking for.
12. If you notice anyone breaking these rules, or have any questions regarding them, PM me or another moderator.
~Thus sayeth the chief~

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