Why did you choose your Avatar?

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Why did you choose your Avatar?

Post by Gromit » Wed Dec 15, 2004 11:19 pm

I like to know why people choose their avatars? Some are really ugly, some tell a story, some show respect.

I choose my Avatar, because Wallace and Gromit are the coolest and funniest animated figures I have ever seen. Every time I watch those movies I am laughing really loud, the situations occuring are really funny.

I also have great respect how they made these movies. It is amazing how they made these movies. They had to shoot he movies picture for picture, and in between the shots changes small things on the clay models. That is lot of pictures to get a 30 minute movie with 24 pictures per second.... :wink:

so that is the story behind my avatar...What about yours??
Michiel van Nieuwkerk

You never miss it till it's gone
(Seasons End, Marillion)

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Lord Leuber
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Post by Lord Leuber » Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:02 am

Well... basically my avatar is supposed to be me wearing a 'The Gathering' t-shirt... :)

btw, Wallace and Gromit is something I should get into... I've only seen Chicken Run :oops:

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