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Bandobras Took
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Post by Bandobras Took » Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:24 pm

I'll be 28 on October 12th, and have been playing METW since the first week of its release.

Thorsten the Traveller
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Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Sat Aug 26, 2006 11:17 am

Don't want to be nitpicking Wim, but the game was released about a decade earlier  :wink:  Just thought people had the right to know  :lol:
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Post by Gwaihir » Sat Aug 26, 2006 12:11 pm

Thorsten the Traveller wrote:Don't want to be nitpicking Wim, but the game was released about a decade earlier  :wink:  Just thought people had the right to know  :lol:
D'oh. :oops:  Wonder what I'd been drinking that night. I think I should stop mentioning any dates in this thread. :P

[For those in the dark now: my previous post in this thread had 2005 in the last line, instead of 1995.] - The Middle-earth CCG store
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Post by Manuel » Sat Sep 09, 2006 3:31 am

24 years, been playing on and off since 1997...

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Post by Scactha » Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:18 pm

34. Started to play the game when it was released.

It´s astonishing a dead game since years and years have such a following. The age bracket is even odder. I´m in the age to have been there when it was on the market, how did people come into contact with the game I wonder?
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Post by Muad'Dib » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:02 pm

I'm 21 & 2 months. My first contact with MECCG -> 2000 and 8-9 months ago I came back ;)

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Post by Haldalam » Tue May 10, 2011 11:27 am

Just because the boards are sooooo dead and i felt to post...
40 here now.... in 2011... leter thsi year I'll be 41!

I was in on the ground floor with this game.... worked for Bob at ICE and played MERP quite regularly.... now I am older and all of my stuff is worth a lot of money it seems, LOL!!! It seems I have depreciated in value though!!!

There.... now the thread has officially been brought into 2011!!!
I have to laugh though... as many of the original posters who thought some of the others were old back in 2002.... are now almost 10 years older.... wow... 10 years ago....

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