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Post by Tegarend » Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:04 pm

People should stop thinking their stupid ideas are better than Tolkien's ... :roll:

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Post by Jambo » Fri Jan 14, 2005 3:04 pm

I agree with most of points raised here.

The Witch King vs Gandalf face off, whilst looking cool, didn't do it for me. In the book Gandalf the White wards off the Witch King from the broken gate; in the film Gandalf gets his rear-end royally handed to him on a plate - very tame.

Like most of you I loved the Mouth. The voice, the look, everything was as I imagined. Why o why did Aragorn slay him - there was no real need for this and it added nothing to the film. Additionally, I also agree that I'm glad they replaced Sauron with a large troll in the final stand. That would have been most inappropriate.

The flood of skulls in the Paths of the Dead - Why? Very bemusing and not necessary. The following scene with the "we fight" and the attack on the corsairs was cool though.

Lastly, I'm not altogether bothered that they didn't include the scouring of the Shire. Saruman's death was sufficient and concluded that part of the story fine, without the need for an extra half an hour at the end of the film.

All in all the 3 EE films are superb and these gripes are minor considering what PJ has managed to achieve.

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Post by Lord Leuber » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:50 pm

Jambo wrote:The Witch King vs Gandalf face off, whilst looking cool, didn't do it for me.
Oh, by the way, those servants of Denethor sure take it easy. In the time it takes Pippin to go (on foot) from the tombs to the first level, find Gandalf there, make it back up through the crowd, face the Witch-king, and come back to to the tombs, all that they managed was to get a few bundles of wood. Not terribly impressive. In the non-EE, at least the Witch-king face-off wasn't in between.

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