Unneccesary Oliphant

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Unneccesary Oliphant

Post by BeeBoy » Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:25 pm

I did a search for Mumak to see if anyone had done an ally version before.  Finding none, I quickly brainstormed one...which I named Oliphant and realized I should have searched for that too.  Upon doing so, I found a couple of other versions.

Oh well, I'll post mine here anyway.

Oliphant (Mumak) - Minion Ally
2 MPs, 2 Mind
Playable by a warrior with prowess greater than four at any site in the regions where Mumak is playable.  
A successful body check against Oliphant does not eliminate it unless it was wounded prior to the strike.  
When a strike against Oliphant fails, roll two body checks instead of one.

Thinking about the Oliphants made me think about that ridiculous/awesome scene from the movies.  That inspired this card:

Ridiculous Stunt - Hero Permanent-event
4 Kill MPs
Playable on an untapped Legolas if his company is facing an attack from Mumak.  
Tap Legolas.  Make 5 rolls.  
If all of the rolls are greater than 10, the Mumak is eliminated and you place this card with Legolas.  
Otherwise, Legolas is eliminated and gives negative MPs.
+2 to his prowess.  +20 to his direct influence.

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Post by Kees » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:41 am

The chance of making all the rolls of the second card is 1/1776. Not exactly favorable. :)

Edit: I thought it said 10 or higher. The chance of rolling higher than 10 5 times is 1/20155392, according to my Casio.

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Post by jhunholz » Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:52 pm

If you win all 5 rolls, it should say you must give your dice to your opponent for the rest of the game.  Those are some lucky dice!

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