Drughu [V]

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Drughu [V]

Post by Nariam » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:44 pm

Drughu - Hero Resource Permanent Event

You may tap any of your wose factions at the end of the organization phase, if one of your companies contains either a diplomat or Ghân-Buri-Ghân and starts its movement at the site where the faction is playable.

For the purposes of hazard play, target company is considered not moving through the region that contains the site where the faction is playable, until the end of turn. Target company's hazard limit is reduced by two (to a minimum of two). If you have two or more Wose factions in play, each of your Wose factions is worth an additional marshalling point. Cannot be duplicated by a given player.

Well, the idea behind this Virtual card is to make an efficient theme card that actually fits with Drughu's artwork and idea, and is playable.
It also incorporates a gameplay-action that is much too rarely seen in ME by now: Tapping factions for an effect.

Now, as one should suggest a use for the virtual card proposals, here's my thoughts:

This card would fit in one of the fun travelling decks that are too rarely seen played IMO as they're not very competitive.
The idea is that you put many Wose factions in your deck (all three at the best), travel to their site to play them once you draw one, then use this site as a jumping-off point to travel on quite safely (using Drughu -> protected by the woses  :D ).
For example, you leave the rivendell region and travel to either Worthy Hills or Wose Passage-Hold to play a faction there. In your next turn, you can go on to, say, Rohan, or even directly Anórien if you were in Old Pûkel-Land. In this way, your opponent couldn't play hazards keyed to wilderness thanks to Drughu, or if you started at wose passage-hold, not even keyed to gap of Isen (no Cave Worms!). AND your HL is reduced by two. :)
The extra MP would make up for a nice quest ; it would be worth getting all the three wose factions if they're worth 11 faction MPs after all!

If you think the card is still too specialist, the HL could be reduced by 2 to no minimum; or if the card seems to powerful, only reduced by 1 or not at all.

(The only problem I see with the card is that it could help in a Worthy Hills squatter deck, which seem already strong enough, although I'm not experienced with that kind of decks. Maybe we should add "not playable by a fallen wizard player"?) - forget

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

- Nariam

Edit: Changed to remove the adjacent region. I tried to make it clearer that the company has to move, but didn't find a better wording - I figured a "company that starts its movement" is automatically a moving company, right? :)
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Bandobras Took
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Post by Bandobras Took » Thu Sep 14, 2006 6:15 pm

Hmmm . . . two less regions and two less hazards does seem rather strong.  I'd get rid of the adjacent region.

And since the whole point of squatter decks is to not move, I don't see it aiding them too much, if you clarify it to require a moving company.

But sounds cool otherwise.

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Post by Nariam » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:12 pm

Thanks for the reply.

So the woses would lead the company through just one region? Hmm, sounds fair to me. But it would indeed make the card much less powerful, as Cardolan, Anórien, and Old Pûkel Land aren't exactly dangerous regions themselves (The Corsairs for Cardolan are the only specific haz I can think of ATM). But ok, I could go with that...

I thought it would aid that kind of squatter on their only move back to the haven, but I figured that they turn the hills into a haven anyways, so... good point.  :wink:

Glad you like the card as a whole  :)

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