FAQ / notes for this board

All trader / collector's issues regarding specific cards and other MeCCG products: is this one especially valuable? what's in this box?; is this a fair trade?

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FAQ / notes for this board

Post by Gwaihir » Mon May 30, 2005 10:40 pm

I would like to explain the major goals of the trading board  :D

The Trader Central should be used for:

1) Discussion about the value and availability of cards and other MeCCG products (this board):

All members can ask questions concerning the value of their Needs and Trades and post all questions like "Where to find that card?" or "Would you trade ... for these cards: ... ?"

2) Discussion about trade in general (the other board in this section):

That includes to answer questions like "How to send cards?", "How to create a trading list" and general trading behaviour. New traders can ask for advice if they are not yet used to international trading.

IMPORTANT: These trading boards are not for posting your trading lists and requests or other forms of trade or sales offers and advertisements. There are enough great MeCCG Trading Pages for that, such as Chris Cable's trade center here on MeCCG.net. We definately don't want to establish another one. If you are looking to buy, sell or trade specific cards, have a look over there.

I invite all Middle-earth traders to use these trading boards!  8)

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