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Deck Ideas

Post by Padster » Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:59 pm

I have just dusted off my set of MECCG cards as my son is almost old enough to start playing (well eight may be a touch young).

Anyhow, I have not played for years, but I have a substantial volume of cards from all the sets (except The Balrog, or which I have only one of each box set, so not many really).  My card set completeness is probably:

The Wizards - 90% at least 1 card, but missing some real corkers, like The Will of Sauron.
The Dragons - At least 2 of every card.
Dark Minions - 90% at least 1 card.
The Lidless Eye -  Only 72% at least 1 card.
Against the Shadow - At least 1 of every card. 95% have at least 2.
The White Hand - At least 2 of every card.
The Balrog - At last 1 of every card, but only 22% with 2 cards.

I want to get back into the game by testing it out on a few friends on a regular monthly get together we have, so I would appreciate some deck ideas.  What I was thinking was if some of you sage personages would be so kind as to make some suggestions on deck, I may have all the cards necessary, and would have an immediate ability to introduce my friends to the game.

If I can make some high level suggestions about the decks and if you could make more detailed ones, I would be very appreciative (or indeed direct me to places where such suggestions may have already been made):

So the high level decks:

1. Traditional Gandalf
   - Victory Conditions:  Could be to win by destroying the ring,
     but I would have thought a more general spread of points
     would be good.  just what Gandalf did.
2. Dwarf centric with lots of Dwarven Rings
   - Lots of Dwarven Rings supported by An Unexpected Party
     and lots of mind 1 and 2 dwarves
3. Fallen Radagast
   - Lots of Allys?  What else would work well here?
4. Ringwraith with potential to become Sauron
   - This deck may be tough as I have some but far from all the
     necessary cards from The Lidless Eye.
5. Balrog
   - Will be a very tough deck as I have one one box of each box.

The above MAY sound like I have some degree of knowledge already, and I do, but I have not been playing at all for years, and I simply don't know the cool card combinations any longer.  From memory I normally build decks with a view to winning by victory points rather than destroying the ring.

Also I am not looking for one deck to be so kick arse that it wipes the floor with the others.  I see this game as a social game with friends and would rather have it last 30min longer and everyone get close to winning, than have one deck run away with it.  Clearly there are random elements to game play, but its just a thought.

Anyway, any help you might be able to give would be much appreciated.



Vastor Peredhil
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Post by Vastor Peredhil » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:57 am

Hi Padster,

well 1st be aware that the other forum:

is much more active

best you start with these new starter decks: ... 356#p10356

there you can find all challenge decks:

all kind of decks in general: ... 6bd9b5a239

also try only play with GCCG maybe to improve card management

yours Vastor Peredhil

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