[Dreamcards - Cirdan Elf-lord] The Straight Way

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[Dreamcards - Cirdan Elf-lord] The Straight Way

Post by Fangorn » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:19 pm

This is my first Dreamcards deck, and I chose to built it around Cirdan Elf-lord.

This deck shares some concepts with End of Elves' Age deck (see http://www.meccg.net/dforum/viewtopic.php?t=2940).
Elves want to leave Middle-earth and sail to Immortal Lands on the Straight Way (which give the name of the deck).
Before leaving, Elves are visiting only Ruins & Lairs.

Cirdan is naturally the required character to succeed this challenging task.
He organizes travel preparations based in the Grey Havens, leaning on his lore of Belegaer (The Sea's Prowess).
Cirdan is helped by Galdor (his Kinsman and Ambassador) and Glorfindel (his Trusted Councellor).
In order to guarantee the travel on the Straight Way, Cirdan guides ships by thought : he focuses in the Grey Havens the Palantir of Elostirion with the master Palantir on Tol Eressea (A Long-hoarded Treasure).
The prerequisite for this alignment is to rebuild The White Towers to allow and secure the transport of the Palantir (Reconstructed Towers).

The travel on the Straight Way is blessed by :
- Arien (Gates of Morning),
- Varda (The Evenstar),
- Earendil (Star of High Hope),
- Ulmo (Ulmo's Watch),
- Uinen (Hair of Uinen).

Cirdan must pay attention to some recent events.
- a huge warg is sometimes roaming as far as The White Towers and his presence may be indeed a danger for the Palantir (The Warg-king).
He enlisted a strange elf from the Northern Waste, Striukir, which has great knowledge of animals, to tame this creature.
- a dreadful place has been found by a skilled scout, Andovon Pathdal, and a visit may be useful though risky (Mount Rerir).
- a coast expert, the star-lover Tharudan of Edhellond, has found  way to enter the ruins of Lond Daer, the sunken numenorean port (Ancient Knowledge).
- the most experienced character of Belegaer, Cirdor, back from a mission of reconnaissance, has discovered an island far in Belegaer, in the middle of sunken Beleriand (Tol Morwen).
- a rumor is growing that a very powerful dragon made his lair in the Andrast Coast, and its range area must be thus avoided.

Elves are gathering (Reunion) in The Grey Havens to take the ship (Elves of Lindon).
A strong brotherhood is leading Elves (Looking from Mind to Mind).
Gildor Inglorion leads the first fleet to the Immortal Lands (Sail to the West), and Celeborn may be one of the most important character to take the ship (The High Sea).
Some of the most valuable heirlooms (the Elvish Blades Sword of Gondolin, Glamdring, Orcrist) are taken.
One of the most powerful weapon in Middle-earth, Anglachel, is found in Tol Morwen ; and Elves use their smith-skill to restore it to its ancient glory of Gurthang (Reforging).
Characters waiting for departure are dreaming of Tol Eressea (Dreams of Lore).
Elves visiting ruins must use their ranger skills to avoid nasty denizens (Many Turns and Doublings, Crept Along Carefully).

Cirdan may require help from Elrond (Elves of the House), and from Uinen's servants (Goldberry and Lindorie).

To organize efficiently the preparations, Cirdan may restore the kingdom of Lindon, becoming the new Elf-King.

[DC] stands for a Dreamcard.

Character Draft

Starting company
Glorfindel II - [DC] Trusted Councellor (+ Elf-stone)
Galdor - [DC] Kinsman and Ambassador (+ Dagger of Westerness)
[DC] Striukir
[DC] Andovon Pathdal (+ Healing Herbs)

In deck
Gildor Inglorion
[DC] Tharudan
[DC] Erestor
[DC] Kenwe

Not in deck
[DC] Ascarnil

[DC] Cirdor
[DC] Wood-elf
[DC] Shipwright

[DC] Cirdan * 3


Sword of Gondolin
[DC] Anglachel
[DC] Crisfuin

Elves of Lindon

The Warg-king

Dreams of Lore
[DC] Reforging
[DC] Reconstructed Towers
[DC] Sail to the West

[DC] Ancient Knowledge
[DC] Looking from Mind to Mind
[DC] The Sea's Prowess
[DC] Gates of Morning * 3
Many Turns and Doublings * 3
The Evenstar * 3
The Cock Crows
Star of High Hope
Crept Along Cleverly * 2
Dark Quarrels
Smoke Rings


Giant Spider * 3
Lesser Spider * 3
Shelob's Brood * 3
[DC] Beijabar Hunters
Spider of the Morlat
Spawn of Ungoliant
[DC] Finglas
[DC] Black Crows

[DC] Protecting their Domain * 2
Full of Froth and Rage * 2
Flies and Spiders
Black Vapour
[DC] Frightful Guardian
[DC] No Admittance
[DC] Thrice-told Tales
[DC] Out of Practise
[DC] Weary and Asleep
An Unexpected Outpost * 2
Twilight * 3


[DC] Elves of the House
[DC] Lindorie
[DC] There's Queer Folk About
[DC] Reunion
[DC] Elvish Blade
[DC] Fellowship
[DC] Ulmo's Watch
[DC] Hair of Uinen
[DC] The High Sea
Farmer Maggot
Palantir of Elostirion
[DC] A Long-hoarded Treasure
Legacy of Smiths
[DC] The Elf-king
Carrion Feeders
[DC] Aamuren Isa
[DC] Lord of the Eagles
[DC] Faladrim
[DC] Dragon Sleep
Lure of Power
News of Doom
Call of the Sea
[DC] Call of the Deeps
[DC] Khuzadrepa Ahunt
Lost in Free-domains
[DC] Heritage Forsaken
[DC] Fake
Mordor in Arms


Barrow-downs / Himring / [DC] Andoloki => Sword of Gondolin, Glamdring
[DC] Mount Rerir / [DC] Lond Daer => Orcrist, Crisfuin
[DC] Tol Morwen => Anglachel
[DC] The Grey Havens => Elves of Lindon, Sail to the West
Weathertop / The Worthy Hills => Dreams of Lore, Reforging, The Warg-king
The White Towers => Reconstructed Towers, The Warg-king

Starting company is designed to :
- have 3 rangers (Many Turns and Doublings, Crept Along Carefully, protection against River),
- have 2 sages (Reforging, Dreams of Lore, Ancient Knowledge),
- maximise character points and free general influence (7 MPs and 11 free GI).

4 characters left in character pool after the character draft must go to the deck (which contain already 6), because deck rely a lot on characters.
The goal is to play one character each turn and place it under Sail to the West.

The originality of this deck is a Cirdan Elf-lord deck which do NOT rely mostly on coastal sea (only 2 sites, Himring and Tol Morwen).
Opponent may be waiting for use of Belegaer and/or visit of The Stones, but deck is safe from Earcaraxe.

The only faction of the deck is Elves of Lindon.
The back-up faction is Elves of the House.

The only ally of the deck is The Warg-king, which is useful against wolf hazard and attack from Reconstructed Towers.
Back-up ally is Lindorie, but beware because she can't go over sea.
Second back-up ally is Goldberry (with Farmer Maggot combo).

Cirdan stays most of the game at Grey Havens to :
- play characters,
- place characters under Sail to the West,
- rouse Elves of Lindon,
- sideboard.
Looking from Mind to Mind allow to untap him (at the cost of tapping an Elf) which offers wide possibilities.

Cirdan leaves The Grey Havens only 2 times, firstly to play Reconstructed Towers, secondly to play Crisfuin.
But keep in mind The Grey Havens must never be totally left, to avoid discarding Sail to the West and losing 1 stage point.

With only 6 base stage points (Kinsman and Ambassador, Trusted Councellor, The Grey Havens, The Sea's Prowess), Legacy of Smiths may only be played if A Long-hoarded Treasure is in play or if a company is at Rivendell.
In order to play The Elf-king, Cirdan must bear Anglachel reforged.

Support cards rely mostly on prowess enhancer for Elves and ranger cancellers (which can be used against each automatic-attack).
Additionally, the ability of Kinsman and Ambassador allows Galdor to cancel automatic-attack at The Worthy Hills and at the Reconstructed White Towers.

Hazard part is an heavy spider theme which can hit all non free/border-land/hold.
Attacks many become huge with all enhancers.
This theme is completed with free/border-land/hold events.
Sideboard contains hazard specific against specific Dreamcards alignment.
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Post by Old Tuk » Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:59 am

I think you can use only two of each ressource. Fallen rules...

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Post by Shapeshifter » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:54 pm

Old Tuk wrote:I think you can use only two of each ressource. Fallen rules...
No, three are allowed according to newest Firstborn rules version.

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