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[Hero deck, METW & METD only] Awakening of Rhovanion

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:52 pm
by Fangorn
Alliance of free peoples must be done between elves, dwarves and men to counter Sauron's influence in Rhovanion.

Character Draft

Starting company
Dain II (+ Cram)
Voteli (+ Horn of Anor)

In deck

Not in deck

Wizards / Character

Fram Framson


Men of Northern Rhovanion
Men of Dorwinion
Iron Hill Dwarves

Emerald of the Mariner
Wizard's Staff
Enruned Shield
Thror's Map

Roac the Raven

And Forth he Hastened
And Forth he Hastened
Not at Home
Not at Home
Flatter a Foe
Flatter a Foe
Dragon's Hunger
A Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
A Friend or Three
A Friend or Three


Cave Worm
Cave Worm
True Fire-drake
Winged Fire-drake
Daelomin at Home

Dragon's Desolation
Dragon's Desolation
Rumor of Wealth
Rumor of Wealth
Passion of Wrath
Prowess of Might
Dragon's Curse
Memories Stolen
Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood
From the Pits of Angband
Prowess of Age
Dragon's Breath


Wizard's River Horses
Wizard's Uncloaked
Staff Asunder
Men of Dale
Sated Beast
Lost in Free-Domains
Drowning Seas
The Precious
The Will of the Ring
The Ring's Betrayal

Starting company contains one Elf, one Dwarf and one Man.
Thranduil controls Voteli (who carries Horn of Anor for a total +3 for influencing factions), allowing Dain II to have his full direct influence free for factions.
Wizard is Radagast, and back-up is Gandalf (in this order because Radagast is better for this deck) to ensure being safe for corruption when carrying Wizard's Staff.

5 factions (1 elven, 1 dwarven, 3 man) will forge the alliance and the character leading each faction is already in deck.
Items are greater hoard items and Thror's Map fits well in deck (to untap The Lonely Mountain, of course !).
Allies are the flying ones, and Roac the Raven may be used to influence a faction far away.
Resource events must prevent nasty creatures to be effective against companies.

Hazard part is only based on dragons/drakes with help of Dragon's Desolation, Rumor of Wealth, Dragon's Blood, ...

This deck was my first competitive deck.
In 1997, I won a national tournament and I finished 11th at French nationals.

P.S. :
The first time I played with this deck, hazard part was a mix of orcs/wolves with key card Wolf-riders.
I thus called it naturally 'Battle of the Five Armies' because of elves, dwarves and men, and orcs and wolves.

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:56 pm
by Fangorn
Some people can argue hazard part is not well balanced, because it relies only on dragons/drakes, leaving free/border - hold/land safe for opponent.
I totally agree.

In fact hazard part has only one goal : kill the wizard.
Opponent must indeed travel at least once through wildernesses or towards a ruin's & lair.
Perhaps only one or 2 blows will hit during entire game (especially true against Gondor deck), but enough to kill the wizard.

Now no one is convinced with this reasoning.
Killing the wizard is indeed very good.
But if opponent gathered lots of MPs, it isn't enough to win ...
False ! It WAS a flawless victory.

Consider now the fact at this time (until end 1997) losing the wizard meant instant 6-0 loss, because Council of Lorien rule of -5 MPs for losing the wizard didn't exist !

Now to improve this deck, it must be more balanced and rely not only on dragons/drakes.

Additionally, if this deck is used with all extensions, some interesting cards must be used :
- for hazards Nameless Thing, Foes Shall Fall, Summons from Long Sleep
- for resource Alliance of Free Peoples, Necklace of Girion

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:01 am
by Ringbearer
Also there is a nasty card called Unhappy Blows which can hurt your deck pretty bad.

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:47 am
by Leon
...which I have never seen in play, but only received warnings about.

I think the deck should be scared of spiders and undead, but this was certainly less so before Dark Minions came out (Chill Douser, Spider of the Morlat)