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Middle-Earth: The Wizards decks (METW only)

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:44 pm

Moderator note : to avoid cluttering the forum, comments for any of the decks posted in this thread can go within the thread.  Should circumstances warrant, we can split discussion for a separate deck.

Hi, following sarma's initiative, I was looking to post some old metw decks. I found a topic about the old Deck of the Week archive, but nothing happened after that I guess. So here are some of the decks I found via the Internet Wayback machine of the internet archive (www.archive.org).

I'll post them in their original format with the author.

I hope some (new) players will like the ideas.
Add your own The Wizards only deck if you think it's worth posting!


1. "West is Best" Geoffrey Scott Mercer Jan/10/96 A deck based on resources in NW Middle-Earth & Lots of Orcs
2. "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!" Geoffrey Scott Mercer Jan/21/96 A pure roadblock hazard strategy with Palantirs.
3. "Treehugger!" Craig O'Brien Feb/3/96 An early Radagast speed deck with pure corruption.
4. Dwarven Rings & Lures Speed Steve B. Feb/3/96 The title pretty much says it all.
5. "Slam Dunk The Ring!" Scott Frazer Feb/13/96 The Archive's first One Ring Deck, with a Corruption/Nazgul hazard theme.
6. "For the Honor of Pallando!" Larry Hughes Feb/13/96 Another One Ring Deck with a mixture of hazards.
7. "The White Tree brings Victory!" Rob Hutjes Feb/23/96 A resource half-strategy around Minas Tirith.
8. "To Arms!" Geoffrey Scott Mercer Feb/23/96 An all METW commons & fixed deck.
9. "What's yours is MINE!" Geoffrey Scott Mercer Mar/5/96 An Elrond/Vilya faction deck with a corruption & Nazgul hazard strategy
10. Dunadan/Nazgul Deck Steve B. Mar/5/96 A different Elrond faction deck with dragons & Nazgul
11. Bilbo's Journey or There and Back Again Once More D. Rice Mar/16/96 A nice theme deck based on The Hobbit
12. "We are Sailing!" Bruce Mason Mar/16/96 A coastal sea strategy with corruption
13. Here be Dragons! (and Nazguls!) Mike Klassen Apr/2/96 An odd mix of resources with a heavy creature & Nazgul hazard strategy
14. "Go Burgle Something!" Rob Waldo Apr/2/96 A deck based around a company of hobbits & corruption.
15. "To Kill the Nine!" Geoffrey Scott Mercer Apr/2/96 A theme deck based around the SE corner of the map, and the women who kill Nazgul. A dragon hazard strategy.
16. The Untouchable Stefan Supino Jun/25/96 Another deck based around a company of Hobbits.
17. Return of the King Richard Vasseur Jun/25/96 A pretty spiffy Aragorn-based deck heavy on the undead.

Sarma has made a few beginners decks (metw only):
If you like to use cards from the Dragons as well, check out:
If you like to use cards from Dark Minions + The Dragons as well, check:
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01. West is Best

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:46 pm

"West is Best"
Deck design by Geoffrey Scott Mercer

General Theme
This was an attempt to be a very fast deck for use in the standard game.I limited myself to MP cards that could be played within one turn's region movement of the Grey Havens, a relatively safe area of the map. The simple hazard strategy is built around orcs, which complements the speed concept of the region cards. Rarely is it not possible to play orcs on your opponent's companies, neatly emptying your hand to be hopefully be replaced with resources to be played on your turn.

Regions & Sites
Lindon - Grey Havens (x2)
Numeriador - Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold
Forochel - Lossadan Camp & Lossadan Cairn
Arthedain - The White Towers, Weathertop, & Bree
The Shire - Bag End
Cardolan - Old Forest & Barrow-downs
Rhudaur - Rivendell (x2) & Cameth Brin
Enedhwaith - Ruined Signal Tower
Old Pukel-land - Wose Passage-hold
Andrast - The Stones
Elven Shores - Himring
Eriadoran Coast - Isles of the Dead That Live

Aragorn, Cirdan, Balin, Gloin, Thorin II, San Gamgee, Robin Smallburrow, Kili, Beretar, Voteli, Ghan-buri-ghan, Elrond, Elladan

Radagast & Pallando
(Both are in the deck, with Pallando being the better choice is a longer multi-deck game.)

Factions:Rangers of the North, Blue Mountain-Dwarves, Elves of Lindon, Lossoth, Hillmen, & Wose of Old Pukel-land
Items: Torque of Hues, Sword of Gondolin, Palantir of Amon-Sul, Glamdring, Durin's Axe.
Allies: Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, Bill the Pony
Events: Gates of Morning (x2), Fellowship (x2), Dreams of Lore, Favor of the Vaalr, Stealth (x2), The Cock Crows, Muster & Thorough Search.


Creatures: Orc-guard, Orc-Lieutenant (x2), Orc-Patrol (x3), Orc-Raiders (x3), Orc-Warriors (x3), Orc-Warband (x2).
Events: Doors of Night (x3), Minions Stir (x3), Clouds (x2), Uvatha the Horseman, Mouth of Sauron, Will of Sauron.

Gates of Morning, Twilight, The Cock Crows, Elf-Song, Narsil, Anduril, Reforging, Muster, Praise to Elbereth, The Balance of Things, Lure of Nature (x2), The Will of the Ring, Lure of Power.

The Start of Play
You have a ton of options. Some of my favorites are Cirdan & the two hobbits, or Cirdan, Elladan, & Thorin II. Minor item choices would depend on the characters chosen, but with the factions the Horn of Anor must be considered a choice, especially on a big character.

Play notes
The deck is heavy with resources that give MPs, and not too many avoidance cards. Therefore, its important to keep the company sizes small (although if you draw the fellowships its really tempting to make a slightly bigger one.) None of the sites included are really nasty, with no shadow or dark holds in the deck. Several of the factions can be brought into play with a character at their home-site. The Wizards are there mainly to sit at Havens and bring more MPs of characters into play. If your opponent is using a character card that's also in your deck, the wizard could really throw a monkey wrench into your opponent by taking a key character (Aragorn, Thorin, or Elrond). The sideboard is there for special occasions, and for use in countering other decks. If he's playing with the One Ring, tapping your Uvatha to place the 5 hazard cards in the discard followed by the Favor of Vaalr should make your opponent worry.

Deck changes
The deck is not completely reliant on rare cards, but there are several key ones. Favor of the Vaalr & Mouth of Sauron can go in pretty much every METW deck in existance. Clouds is another important rare card to boost the orcs, but Night (ucommon) does well in a pinch. The deck works without the two rare sites (The Stones & The Isle of the Dead that live) and are there mainly as backup. The Elves of Lindon, Tom Bombadil, the Woses & the Palantir (an item you have no intention of using, just storing for 5 MP) are key, but can be replaced with weaker items, or by expanding the geography of the deck to maybe include the Ents, Eagles, and Beornlings.

PS. The final deck size is over 110 cards!! I'm going to need a bigger box.

gsm JAN/10/96

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02. Let it Snow

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:50 pm

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..."
Deck Design by Geoffrey Scott Mercer

General Theme
This is the typical roadblock deck. If your opponent's companies can't go anywhere, they can't gather MPs. The resource half of the deck tries to stay away from Wilderness and generally plays in the South, where Palantirs are played to recycle the nasty hazards. A large number of factions can quickly add up the MPs, as well.

Regions & Sites
Rhudaur - Rivendell (x2) Gap of Isen - Glittering Caves, Isengard
Wold & Foothills - Lorien
Rohan - Edoras, Amon Hen, Dunharrow
Dagorlad - Dead Marshes
Lamedon - Vale of Erech
Belfalas - Dol Amroth
Lebennin - Pelargir
Anorien - Minas Tirith, Druadan Forest
Ithilien - Henneth Annun
Harondor - Southron Oasis
Mouths of Anduin - Tolfalas

Denethor II, Imrahil, Faramir, Boromir II, Anborn, Eomer, Theoden, Ghan-buri-Ghan, Celeborn, Annalena.

Saruman (x2)

Factions:Knights of Dol Amroth, Men of Lamedon, Men of Lebennin, Woses of the Druadan Forest, Tower Guard of Minas Tirith, Riders of Rohan, Rangers of Ithilien, Southrons.
Items:Palantir of Orthanc, Palantir of Osgiliath, Palantir of Minis Tirith, Sapling of the White Tree (x2), Red Arrow.
Events: Dreams of Lore, The White Tree, Old Road (x2), Muster (x3), Gates of Morning, Align Palantir.


Creatures:Mouth of Sauron (although he's more of a short event)
Events: Foul Fumes (x3), Long Winter (x3), Snowstorm (x3), Drowning Seas (x2), Twilight (x3), Doors of Night (x3), River (x2), Siege (x3), Will of Sauron (x2).

Gates of Morning (x2), The Cock Crows (x3), Praise to Elbereth (x2), Men of Anorien, Stone of Erech, Align Palantir, Fellowship(x3), Forlong, Beregond.

Start of Play
Celeborn, Faramir, Anborn, & Eomer with two Daggers is a nice, balanced start. They immediately move to Isengard with region movement. Hopefully, you drew the Palantir of Orthanc & Saruman in the initial card draw.

Play Notes
With the Palantir of Orthanc, Will of Sauron, and the various movement inhibitors in the deck, a winning position where the opponent's companies simply can't move can be achieved, especially if the opponent is light on rangers. Add an Aligned Palantir of Osgiliath, and its game over, as TWO cards can be recycled every turn. Another possible avenue of play is to make Minis Tirith a haven, and then use the Old Roads and Musters. The deck is pretty flexible.

The deck is surprisingly light on rares, but a few are key (Denethor's an important sage, the snowstorms prevent movement, and the Palantir of Osgiliath can remove corruption cards, or copy the Palanitir of Minis Tirith). If you play with this deck in multi-player, expect to make a lot of enemies really fast, as this deck will piss off everybody. I'd probably take out the Will of Saurons for multiplayer, as SOMEBODY will have a Gates of Morning and use it.

gsm - January 21, 1996

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03. Treehugger

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:53 pm

Deck Design by Craig O'Brian (ichabod)

Location Deck
Arthedain - Weathertop
Enedhwaith - Ruined Signal Tower
Fangorn - Wellinghall
Forochel - Lossadan Cairn
Gundabad - Mount Gundabad
Numeriador - Blue Mountain Dwarf Hold
Redhorn Gate - Moria
Rhudaur - Rivendell x 2
The Shire - Bag End
Wold & Foothills - Lorien x 2

Bilbo, Gimli, Gloin, Kili, Sam Gamgee, Radagast x2, Thorin II

Blue Mountain Dwarves, Book of Mazarbul, Concealment x3, Dreams of Lore, Dodge x3, Ents of Fangorn, Escape x2, Fair Travels in the Wilderness x3, Fellowship x3, Gates of Morning x3, The Mithril-coat, Orcrist, Rescue Prisoners, Sword of Gondolin

Corpse Candle x3, Despair of the Heart x3, Greed x2, Lure of Expedience x3, Lure of Nature x3, Lure of the Senses x3, Traitor x2, Twilight x3, Weariness of the Heart x3

Tookish Blood x2, Call of Home x3, Call of the Sea x2, A Friend or Three x3, Old Friendship x3, Halfling Strength x2.

General Idea
The general strategy of this deck is to burn through your deck as fast as possible. Pick up as many marshalling points as possible along the way and call the Free Council.

How to do it
Beginning characters should be Thorin, Kili, Bilbo, and Sam. Give the hobbits Elven Cloaks. The cloaks are there because you will be travelling almost exclusively in Wilderness. All the character in this deck are hobbits and dwarves specifically so Lure of Nature can only be played on Radagast.

Step one is get Radagast. He is very important to this deck, and a bad shuffle can really hurt. Discard cards like mad if you don't have him. Go to dangerous sites just to draw cards. Do anything you can to get him. Don't give up if you don't get him, though. The deck is fast enough to sometimes win even without Radagast.

Once you have Radagast you will want to use region movement almost exclusively. The idea is to go through four Wilderness regions each time you move and draw four extra cards. Always maximize the number of Wilderness you move through. Walk in circles if it makes you go through more Wilderness.

The play deck is designed to be as fast as I could make it. The only things you should hold for longer than your next turn are resources to play at specific sites. As soon as you get one move there and play it. The only possible exception is Blue Mountain Dwarves. It is good to wait for the Book of Mazarbul to go to the Blue Mountains, because playing the faction there will tap the site and you wont be able to go back.

The hazard strategy is corruption because it is bar none the fastest hazard strategy in the game. You won't kill too many of their characters this way, so be careful where you put the corruption. Try and do the most damage to their MP total. Hit high MP characters and/or characters with items that give MPs. The only hazards to hold are generally Greed and Corpse Candle. Corpse Candle especially should be played when they have some chance of losing somebody because they *will* get that MP for killing it. If you get a second Traitor hold on to that. It's just too evil a card, and two in play don't do you any good.

If you have too many cards in your hand at the end of your movement, try and discard resources like Dodge that don't give marshalling points and won't be played in your next Organization phase. At the end of your opponent's movement discard hazards you didn't get a chance to play unless they're also running a hazard strategy. In that case discard the attack avoidance cards like Concealment and Dodge.

The sideboard
You may have noticed the resource deck is mainly anti-creature. This can be a problem against another corruption deck. If this is the case start pulling some of the resources from your sideboard into your deck with Radagast. It's slow to put them directly into the deck, but they won't do you a lot of good in the discard pile.

When you exhaust the deck put in the hazards from the sideboard. The main use of these is to remove characters from the party and get rid of Fellowships. This deck can win it in the free council with all of the corruption checks and nothing ruins that better than a Fellowship.

Things to watch out for
Mainly watch out for cards that turn Wilderness into something else: Choking Shadows and Morgul Night. These only work with Doors of Night so be prepared with Gates of Morning. Twilight is in the hazard to deal with Long Winter and Snowstorm, both of which can really screw this deck. If your opponent is playing with these cards holding the Gates and Twilight becomes a priority.

Deck Design Notes

I didn't put in any Fords because the Fair Travels also work well against corruption decks. I didn't put Elf Songs in the sideboard for fear my opponent would get to much use out of it. I bucked conventional wisdom about Favor of the Valar because it slows this deck down. You don't want the discard pile reshuffled, you want to fill it and call the council. I didn't put in the Mouth or Sauron because I don't think any of the hazards are worth getting back.

I originally played this expecting to go up against creature decks. Since I've started playing it I haven't really played a creature deck, only corruption and Nazgul. I've been think of switching some of the corruption from the sideboard with some of the anti-creature stuff, which would probably be a good idea if corruption is popular in your play group.

Deck Posted February 3, 1996

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04. "Dwarven Rings/Lures Speed Deck"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:55 pm

"Dwarven Rings/Lures Speed Deck"
Deck Design by Steve B.

General Theme
The purpose of this deck is to gather sufficient points through rings to win at a Council and to cycle through your hazard cards as fast as possible to help speed things up. By playing lots of hazards (you can almost always play a Lure), you can always draw cards, which helps you get the resources you need. The hazards are designed to slow your opponent down.

Resource Cards
1 Fair Gold Rings
3 Precious Gold Rings
2 Wizard's Tests (for Ring IDs)
2 Ringlores (or 1 Ringlore, 2 Healing Herbs; Ringlore is the best way to get a Dw. ring)
2 Thorough Search (find items faster, which speeds up your game; also see combo below)
2 Far-sight (pull that last item that you need to win out of your deck)
3 Secret Passage (play to protect you as you get Rings, etc., but also see next card)
1 Great-Road (play after Secret Passage, and then see next card)
1 Bridge (play after Great-road - now you have moved to a Ruins & Lair without too many hazards (hopefully), then play a Thorough Search to get an extra item; returned to the Haven where you started, and now you can move to another site -say an Info site to play a Ringlore on one of the Rings you just got! All in 1 turn!)

1 Blue Mt. Dwarves (Faction points)
1 Goldberry (Ally, plus she lets you cancel attacks)
1 Torque of Hues (protection, plus points)
1 Durin's Axe (you can substitute Glamdring or Orcist if you like)
1 Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe (untap a site which helps you get items faster)
1 Dwarven Ring of Druin's Tribe (lets you get major items at a safe site; if you get this out early, you may get a jump on playing the sword and torque, but watch those corruption checks!)
1 Dwarven Ring of Dwalin's Tribe (ditto)
1 Magic Ring of Nature (if the bearer is a Ranger, he can tap to prevent an attack)

Total Resources: 25

Note about the Dwarven Rings: It is not necessary to get all 3 into play to win! Most of the time, only one is needed. If you have a choice, get Durin's, which lets you untap a site. But be careful - the rings have high corruption, so you may want to bring them in late against an opponent playing Lures. You can also put them on a Hobbit until needed on a Dwarf. Also note that attack avoidance is very important - you'll be hanging around a lot of nasty places to get those gold rings. Try to get Goldberry, the Torque and the Ring of Nature first. Remember, quit searching for items once you've accumulated enough points to call a Council. With all your starting characters still alive, you can win as soon as you get 1 Dwarven Ring, 1 Magic Ring, 2 hazards from your opponent, 1 major item (which your Dwarven Rings can help you get) and two unidentified gold rings. You can gather this stuff amazingly quick using Thorough Searches and the Dwarven Rings.

(I usually play with all the sites, but here's a few you need; add regions if using them)
Isengard (gold rings and major items)
Bandit Lair (gold rings)
Goblin Gate (gold rings)
Gladden Fields (gold rings)
Moria (gold rings; last choice to go to!)
Dancing Spire (gold rings; last choice to go to!)
Dimrill Dale and Weathertop (use with Ringlore resource card)
Rhosgobel (a place to go to help you draw cards)
Wellinghall (ditto)
Blue Mt. Dwarf-hold (to get Dwarf Faction)
Old Forest (Goldberry)

Usually I go straight to Lorien, then to Bandit Lair, etc. Once I have gathered enough rings to win, I go back to Lorien, use the Wizard's Tests to identify some Magic Rings or possible a Dwarven Ring. Later, near the end, use Ringlore at Dimrill Dale with Gandalf to get the Dwarven Rings (get them late, as your characters are very open to corruption). Use Wellinghall and Rhosgobel as sites to move to to generate card draws. You can split off a character with Rings and leave him in relative safety in a Haven if needed.


At-start: Bilbo (or another Hobbit), Elrohir, Gimli, Robin Smallburrow, Bombur (who can immediately follow someone).

Minor Items for starting charachters:
1 Elven Cloak (starts with Bilbo, but give to someone else once he gets a Torque)
1 Dagger of Westernesse (starts with one of your best fighters, but probably not a Dwarf cause they're going to have enough corruption check problems as it is once they get Rings)

Balin (another Dwarf)
Erkenbrand (more fighting if needed)
Orophin (a follower)
Bifur (another Dwarf)
Gildor Inglorion (excellent against Orcs)

Gandalf x2 (for ring test ability, or substitute Radagast to speed up card draws)

The Hazards are primarily geared to making your opponent worry about corruption, which can really disrupt his movements. I have had opponents stay in one place for 4+ turns trying to get Lure cards off a key character. Also note that your opponent will gather very few marshalling points by defeating your hazards. Lure hazards are not as effective against Hobbit decks, though, so use the Minions Stir to try to kill off, or at least slow down, the Hobbits.

3 Lure of Nature
3 Lure of Creation
3 Lure of the Senses
3 Lure of Expedience
3 Weariness of the Heart (force them to make corruption checks - don't use the other ability!)
3 Call of Home
3 Despair of the Heart
3 Minions Stir
1 Muster Disperses (anti-faction gathering)
Total Hazards: 25

Deck posted February 3, 1996

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05. "Slam Dunk the Ring"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:56 pm

"Slam Dunk the Ring"
Deck Design by Scott Frazer

Location Deck
2 Lorien
2 Rivendell
1 Grey Havens

Other Sites:
Isles of the Dead that Live
Carn Dum
Minas Morgul
Amon Hen
Gladden Fields
Bandit Lair
Dead Marshes
Mount Doom

All regions that contain and conect the above...

If you use the Region cards for region movement, You'll use the Horse Plains and Nurn to get to Mt. Doom, so don't forget them

Starting: Bilbo, Frodo, Beretar
Others: Gandalf (x2), Elrond, Elrohir, Elladan, Damrod, Arwen, Annalena

Resources (25 + 2 starting items)
Starting items: Star Glass (x2)
Others: Precious Gold Ring (x3), Cracks of Doom (x2), The One Ring, Scroll of Isildur, Fellowship (x3), Favor of the Valar, Far Sight (x3), Halfling Strength (x3), Old Friendship (x3), Wizard's Test (x2), Concealment (x3)

Hazards (25)
Doors of Night (x3), The Nazgul are Abroad (x3), Lure of Expedience (x3), Lure of Nature (x3), Lure of the Senses (x3), Lure of Creation (x3), The Balance of Things, Witch-king of Angmar, Indur Dawndeath, Ren the Unclean, Uvatha the Horseman, Dwar of Waw, Khamul the Easterling

Test of Form (x3), Secret Passage(x3), Wizard's Test, Gollum, Gollum's Fate, Lure of Power (x3), The Precious (x3)

General Idea
Turn'n'burn. When this deck plays out correctly, your opponent will get smoked. Oh yeah, we're gonna dump the One ring in the Cracks of Doom :)

How to do it
Give each of the Hobbits a star-glass at the beginning of the game. Here's what the characters are going to do:
Bilbo: He's the ring-bearer. Have him take the precious gold ring and carry the one ring around. If you can not get one of the items you need, Bilbo is going to farsight for them at weathertop.
Frodo: He's the one who's going to conceal and play Old Friendship.
Beretar: Muscle. He's going to fight the stuff you can't hide from. Also, Beretar is going to carry the Scroll of Isildur. Hobbits travel light.

Here's where the deck needs work: you _need_ to get Gandalf out pretty early. The ideal path here is this:
Rivendell (play Gandalf and a Fellowship)
Lorien (second chance at Gandalf and a Fellowship)
Dead Marshes (play the Scroll if you've drawn it, a ring otherwise)
Bandit Lair (Play a ring)
By the fourth turn, if you don't have The One Ring or the Scroll, you will hopefully have a Far sight, move to Amon Hen and use it to get what you're missing. Use a Wizard's test to get the ring (two rolls, +2 with the Scroll, you only need an 8 on one roll) Turn five will hopefully be a movement through the Horse Plains to Nurn and into Gorgoroth. You'll want to keep the company size tiny. The three starting characters give your opponent the ability to play only 2 hazards on you a turn. Frodo and Bilbo are required, BTW. Sam doesn't cut it... If you're forced to replace Beretar, be sure to use a Ranger and keep the mind stat below 6. The Hazard strategy makes many people scratch their heads... the Nazgul are Abroad allows the Nazgul to attack a party with the One Ring almost anywhere. I play with the Nazgul to keep my opponent from being able to play them. A Nazgul that you've put up as a permanent event cannot hurt you. The Nazgul are Abroad (with DoN) allows you to use those Nazgul to your advantage and play them again shortly afterwards... The rest of the strategy is simple corruption because it's fast. You want to hold some hefty combos in your hand...

The Sideboard

Random cards, almost... the hazards try to protect against two things: Your oppoent playing a One Ring deck, and the Wandering Wizard Strategy. The resources are kind of a mish-mash. Gollum is there for other Ring Decks, and his fate just gives you another way of popping the Ring. Secret Passage? should probably be replaced... The Test of Forms were originally in the main deck with Wizard's Test in the sideboard... without a Wizard you can't get the durned things anyway :)

What to look out for
Fast MP decks. If you take too long, they'll realize what you're doing and call council before you can get rolling. Also, I need to get a more reliable way of getting either my Wizard out, or the One Ring out...

Posted February 13, 1996

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06. "For the Honor of Pallando"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:58 pm

"For the Honor of Pallando"
Deck Design by Larry Hughes (Beren)

Starting Characters
Frodo Baggins
Samwise Gamgee
Celeborn the Wise
Elrohir, Son of Elrond

Starting Minor Items
Frodo gets an elven cloak and a star glass
(Sam gets them if Frodo goes to the deck)

Site Deck

All of them. Always. Of course. Anything less is stupid.
But the main ones that the characters will be loitering about at (and why) are:
Old Forest (Goldberry)
Barrow Downs (Torque of Hughes)
Moria (Scroll of Isildur)
Ost-in-Edhil (Gold Ring)
Gladden Fields (Gold Ring)
Goblin Gate (Gollum)
Minas Tirith (merely a stopping point on the way to Mordor)
Mount Doom (!)
Easterling Camp (card draws)

Additional Characters
(use 2 out of the following 3 - the two that the other player hasn't played)

2 Pallandos

Concealment (x2)
Dark Quarrels (x2)
Fellowship (x3)
Halfling Strength (x2)
Precious Gold Ring (x3)
Scroll of Isildur
Secret Entrance
Secret Passage
The One Ring
Thorough Search
Torque of Hughes
Vanishment (x3)
Wizard's Test (x3)

Hazards (27)
Bane of the Ithil-Stone
Call of Home
Corpse Candle
Dragon's Desolation
Lure of Creation
Lure of Expedience (x2)
Lure of Nature (x2)
Lure of Power
Lure of the Senses (x2)
Mouth of Sauron
Ren the Unclean
The Balance of Things
The Nazgul Are Abroad
Tookish Blood
Twilight (x2)
Uvatha the Horseman
Weariness of the Heart (x2)



A Friend or Three
Cracks of Doom
Dwarven Ring's of Thelor's Tribe
Gollum's Fate
Magic Ring of Nature
Mountains of Shadow
Praise to Elbereth

Khamul the Easterling
The Precious
The Will of the Ring

Strategy of the Deck

Basic theme : Get The One Ring as fast as possible and get it to Mordor with a reasonable escort.

The ideal company to assault the Mountain :

Pallando : Gollum and Goldberry as allies.
Elrohir : Following Pallando. Magic Ring of Nature.
Celeborn : Following Pallando. Star Glass.
Frodo : The One Ring, Elven Cloak.
Sam : Torque of Hughes.

Three fellowships on this party.

Cards in hand :
Mountains of Shadow (allows you to go from Minas Tirith straight to Mount Doom),
Dark Quarrels (to deal with the orc attack from above),
Vanishment (x2),
Concealment (x2),
Gollum's Fate,
Halfling Strength,

The flow of the deck :

The idea is to get through the deck the first time as quickly as possible. The main goals are to get Gollum and the Scroll of Isildur out before the opponent does. Collect Gold-things when nothing else is to be done. Once the ideal party is formed (preferably at Lorien), then the fellowships get slapped down and rings start getting tested. Store the Scroll after The One Ring is obtained.

Important note on the use of the extra characters:

The two additional characters are used to help you to draw cards faster. Don't waste any resources trying to keep them alive. Note that they can only start after Pallando has control of Celeborn and Elrohir (unless one of your characters matched an opponents at the start). If your main company is still intact and Pallando hasn't shown up yet, ditch the first extra character that comes up and leave the dirty work to the other one. Every turn the character moves between Lorien and the Easterling Camp. This allows you an extra four cards drawn per turn, to get to your stuff faster. It's also very useful to learn some of your opponent's deck. Since only two hazards can be played on Oin/Kili/Haldir (O/K/H), this is going to force your opponent to discard two cards every turn (face up, since Pallando is out before O/K/H can be played, ideally). If you get both extra characters into the act (maybe going from Edhellond to the Variag Camp), then the situation can really mess up the opponent's play, forcing him to discard cards prematurely. The other role of the extra characters is faction harassment. All three choices are warriors. Muster is in the sideboard. If the other player is going faction hunting, then use Pallando to get the Muster out of the sideboard and send your fearless warrior over to spook the Southrons (or whoever his largest MP faction is) away. The goal here is to buy enough time before the Council is called to get the Ring to Mount Doom. The other side benefit is that by sending O/K/H ahead into Shadowlands, you can see what kind of mischief the main company may meet later on. Which leads to...

The correct use of the sideboard

At the half, if you have Gollum, grab Gollum's Fate. Take Mountains of Shadow. The other three cards will depend upon what you have seen. Shelob is in the sideboard so that you can play her to make sure that your opponent can't. The ring hazard cards in case your opponent comes up with the Ring! Praise to Elbereth if the opponent is playing Nazguls. A Friend or Three and Cracks of Doom if your opponent got Gollum. Bilbo and Elladan serve as replacements of lost main company members. Khamul is an interesting thought. If your opponent has put down lots of Nazgul permanents, get Khamul out and play him in his permanent event role. Then, the turn before heading over the Mountains of Shadow, use Khamul, tap Uvatha, get Khamul back, and use him again. If the opponent was parked on some devastating hazard combos, this will definitely clean his hand out. Watch to see if he is discarding resources or hazards right before you are ready to re-shuffle your deck to help you decide whether to grab Khamul or not.
Cards to dump : The extra Pallando, Secret Passage, Thorough Search, Wizard's Test/Gold Ring.

The hazard strategy

The Nazgul are used as permanent events. Ren especially. You don't want to see Ren coming around and forcing additional corruption checks on Mount Doom. Most of the hazards are immediately playable, and should be done so. The idea is to slow your opponent down, and draw cards faster to get what you need. If the movement patterns for the past two turns don't allow the border/free hold hazards to be played, start discarding them. Don't use hazard creatures if there is a good chance of them being defeated (NO FREE MPs!), since that effectively speeds up your opponent's deck and allows him to call the Council sooner.

Deck Posted February 13, 1996

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08. "The White Tree brings victory."

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:00 pm

"The White Tree brings victory."
- by Rob Hutjes

General Theme
We're going to try to let the opponent think we're gonna dunk the One Ring. But we won't do it. :) We're gonna go to Minas Tirith and try to gain alot of marshalling points in one turn, thus hoping to surprise the opponent.

Location Deck:
Anduin Vales - Gladden Fields.
Anorien - Minas Tirith.
Brown Lands - Bandit Lair.
Cardolan -
Dagorlad - Dead Marshes.
Enedwaith - Ruined Signal Tower.
Gap of Isen - Glittering Caves.
Grey Mountain Narrows - The Wind Throne.
High Pass - Golbin-gate.
Hollin - Ost-in-Edhil.
Ithilien - Henneth Annun.
Redhorn Gate -
Rhudaur - Rivendell.
Rohan - Amon Hen, Edoras.
Wold & Foothills - Lorien.

Notes on location deck:
- The most vital site is Minas Tirith. Here we're gonna play the White Tree. Plus we're gonna try to cash ino on some more MPs as well.

- Another important card you need to have is a site where you can play Gollum. If you have Minas Tirith you have at least Moria. On the other hand I prefer the High Pass.

- You need at least one site where you can play greater items. Two sites are needed to play major items. Prefered sites to play major items are Ruined Signal Tower and Glittering Caves. You can use The Wind Throne as a decent substitute, though.

Starting characters:
Bilbo, Frodo and Beretar.

Other characters:
Radagast (2x), Balin, Elrohir,...

Character notes:
- I copied the characters from Scott Frazer's "Slam Dunk the Ring" for two reasons. First it keeps up the appearance that you _really_ want to dump the One Ring in the Cracks of Doom. Second, I think it's a pretty good company to travel around with. Suggestions are welcome.

- Bilbo is a vital character here. You need a sage to store the White Tree. If you haven't got him you can choose Balin and two Hobbits. Don't forget if you change the starting company, at least add one sage. Sam Gamgee is a perfect substitute for Frodo.

- You can add more characters to your own flavor. A sage in your play deck is always handy as well.. Also, you can add characters that can give you MPs just for sitting at a Haven. Finally, using characters to wander around aimlessly just to exhaust your playdeck more quickly is a good strategy.

- I put Radagast in the deck in case you've played enough MPs _and_ have enough MPs in your hand to wrap up the game, but you still need to exhaust your playdeck.

Concealment (3x), Dark Quarrels (2x), Far-sight (2x), Fellowship (3x), Gollum, Palantir of Minas Tirith, Precious Gold Ring (3x), Rangers of Ithilien, Riders of Rohan, Sapling of the White Tree, Scroll of Isildur, Secret Passage (2x), The White Tree, Thorough Search, Torque of Hues and The Tower Guard of Minas Tirith.

Total 25 cards.

Resource notes:
- Two vital cards are the Sapling and the White Tree.

- You can remove one faction if you like. An excellent substitute for any faction but the Tower Guard are the Ents of Fangorn.

- I'd Far-sight only for the Scroll of Isildur or the Torque. Far-sighting the Sapling might arouse suspicion.

- You could remove the Torque of Hues and add a Dark Quarrels or a Far-sight.

You can put any hazards you want. But keep in mind that we want to go thru the playdeck pretty quickly. Remember that long events hazards can mess up _your_ turn. A lot of corruption cards is generally a good idea. Put in some cards in case your opponent _really_ wants to dunk the One Ring. *grin* Also, add some Call of Home's in case an opponent's character has got Gollum, you can get rid of him this way.

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09. "What's yours is MINE"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:04 pm

"What's yours is MINE"
Deck Design by Geoffrey Scott Mercer

This deck is potentially scary. If your opponent is playing a Nazgul or corruption strategy, he's in REAL trouble, as Elrond & Theoden can go their separate ways. This deck is mainly about speed, but has a nasty secondary purpose. Its built to influence your characters away. With Vilya, Elrond has as much DI has a wizard.

Starting Characters
Elrond & Theoden (Each with a Horn of Anor)

Other Characters
Glorfindel, Aragorn II, Thorin II, Frodo, Bilbo, Cirdan, Beorn.
(If yoy play these characters, great. They're really for messing with your opponent)

(He has the truly spiffy advantage of being able to get to ANY site the turn he's brought into play, as well as the fact that he can be played at Lorien.)

Resources (25)
2xOld Road
3xGreat Road
1xPersuasive Words
2xNew Friendships
1xTorque of Hues
1xRangers of the North
1xEnts of Fangorn
1xRiders of Rohan
1xWoses of Old-Pukel Land
1xWoses of Druadan Forest
1xBlue Mountain Dwarves

Hazards (25)
3xCall of Home
2xMuster Disperses
3xLure of Nature
3xLure of Expedience
3xLure of Senses
1xBalance of Things
1xRen the Unclean
1xKhamul the Easterling
1xWitch-King of Angmar
1xUvatha the Horseman
1xHoarmurath of Dir

ALL sites & regions, and not just on principle. No matter where they hide, Gandalf & Elrond have to be able to reach your opponents characters.

3xDark Quarrels
1xSam Gamgee
3xGates of Morning
3xThe Cock Crows

The hazards are basically there to be insanely fast, and act as protection against Nazgul being played. Use the Muster Disperses to eliminate any factions that your opponent plays, both to allow a duplicated faction to be played, but also to double your faction points. This deck doesn't work to well in multi-deck games, and Eru forbid they're playing an orc or wolf strategy. Sideboard immediately with Gandalf for the Dark Quarrels & Vanishments. Another fun play is to Call of Home an opponent's character & then respond on your next turn with you putting that character in play.

March 5, 1996

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10. Dunadan/Nazgul Deck

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:05 pm

Dunadan/Nazgul Deck
Deck Design by Steve B.

Building decks in METW is really like building two decks (a Resource Deck and a Hazard Deck). The two decks need to blend together for best effect. This deck uses Dunadan, who wander around the southern fair- and border-lands gathering Factions, while the hazards turn wildernesses into lands where Nazgul or Dragons can be played. Playing heavy creatures on your opponent on turn 1 can be very demoralizing to him! Elrond and Pallando are used to help you keep those cards in your hand until they can be played.

At Start
Elrond (LEAVE HIM IN RIVENDELL!) Adrazar, with the Horn of Anor (one of your main Faction recruiters) and an Elven Cloak (protection in the early turns)
Pallando x2

I always include all sites, but the ones in the South are the ones most needed:
Dol Amroth
Druadan Forest
Henneth Annun
Lond Galen
Minas Tirith
Vale of Erech
Wose Passage-hold


2 Vilya (for use by Elrond to help you recycle resource cards discarded earlier in the game)
3 Muster (faction recruiting)
3 Lordly Presence (ditto)
3 Concealment (protection vs. attacks)
3 Sun (enchances the Dunadan's prowess)
2 Escape (protection vs attacks; wound one of the extra' characters)
Point Resources:
1 Riders of Rohan (3)
1 Men of Lebinnin (2)
1 Men of Anorien (2)/Tower Guard of M. Tirith (2) - play which ever shows up first, discard the other
1 Woses of D. Forest (3)
1 Men of Lamedon (2)
1 Rangers of Ithilien (3)
1 Red Arrow (2, plus influence benefits)
1 Men of Anfalas (2)
1 Quickbeam (2) - The only Ally points in the deck, but a powerful and mobile one. Better to play on Pallando.
1 Knights of Dol Amroth (3)
1 Stone of Erech (2)
1 Woses of Old Pukel-land (3)
29 Resources

3 Doors of Night (many of the following depend on this card)
3 Dragon's Desolation (lets you play the dragons in Wildernesses)
3 Morgul Night (makes Wildernesses into Shadow-lands - note this conflicts with above card, so you will probably need to base the environment cards on whether you have Nazgul or Dragons in your hand)
3 Awaken the Earth's Fire (makes the Shadow-lands created by the above card into Dark-domains - Helloooo, Nazguls!)
1 The Will of Sauron (keeps those long-events in play!)
2 The Nazgul are Abroad (effective if your opponent dares to play the One Ring, or with Morgul-Night)
2 Morgul-horse (keep a Nazgul perm-event insteading of discarding it, or play with Morgul-Night)
1 Mouth of Sauron (play as a creature to finish a party off, or as a short-event to bring that hazard you so desparately need back from the discard pile)
1 Witch-king of Angmar (can use as a Perm-event, and then tap him to help play Nazguls, tap with M-horse to get him back, or use Mouth of S instead)
1 Ren the Unclean (can tap as a corruption check if your opponent plays the big Rings)
1 Indur Dawndeath
1 Dwar of Waw
1 Akhorahil
1 Uvatha the Horseman (brings hazard creature back, use with Morgul-horse to keep him too)
2 Fell Beast (helps the Nazgul attack)
The Dragons:
1 Leucaruth
1 Smaug
1 Agburanar
Option: Pull the 3 dragons and the Dragon's Desolation and substitute 3 Lost in Dark-domains and 3 Lost in Shadow-lands to help you be able to play more Nazgul hazards after your environment cards are in play.
29 Hazards

March 5, 1996

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11. "Bilbo’s Journey or There and Back Again Once More&

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:06 pm

Bilbo’s Journey or There and Back Again Once More
Deck Design by D. Rice

General Theme
The purpose of this deck is to gather sufficient marshalling points to win at the council in a one deck game, while using The Hobbit storyline as a theme for your characters, resources, and hazards. This is a fun deck!

Regions & Sites
The Shire - Bag End
Arthedain - Weathertop
Rhuduar - Ettenmoors, Camreth Brin
High Pass - Goblin Gate
Anduin Vales - Eagle’s Eyrie, Beorn’s House
Western Mirkwood - Woodmen Town, Dol Guldur (if you feel lucky)
Grey Mountain Narrows - The Wind Throne
Woodland Realm - Thranduil’s Halls
Northern Rhovanion - Lake Town, The Lonely Mountain
Iron Hills - Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold
Withered Heath if you are desperate for items

Bilbo, Beorn, and Thorin to start. Bilbo carries an Elven Cloak and a Dagger of Westernesse. The other characters to shuffle in your deck are: Elrond, Bard Bowman, Thranduil, Dain II, and any of the remaining dwarves (Balin, Bofur, etc.).

Gandalf (x2) of course!

Allies & Factions
Gollum, Roac the Raven, Gwaihir, Beornings, Woodmen, Wood-Elves, Men of Northern Rhovanion, Iron Hill Dwarves, The Great Eagles, Hobbits, Hillmen

The One Ring, Precious Gold Ring (x3), Scroll of Ilsidur, The Mithril Coat, The Arkenstone, Dwarven Ring of Bavor’s Tribe, Sting, Glamdring, Orcrist, A Chance Meeting, The Old Thrush, Lucky Search, Wizard’s Fire/Flame, Eagle Mounts, Misty Mountains, etc. (you get the idea).

Doors of Night (x2), Mouth of Sauron, Dragon’s Desolation, The Great Goblin, Giant, Giant Spiders, Smaug, Orc Patrol, Bert, Tom, William, Wargs, Wolves, etc. (again, you get the idea).


To keep your opponent honest once he figures out what you are doing and stays out of the north, keep a couple Nazgul, Shelob, maybe a couple of dragons, pukel-men, etc. in your side board.

Play Notes
The Mouth of Sauron is an awesome card when used as a short event. It gets Smaug back in the game should you discard it or when you have used Smaug and your opponent thinks it is safe to go back to The Lonely Mountain.

Watch out for corruption! Store the Arkenstone as soon as possible, and be careful with the Dwarven Ring. Use Lorien as your Haven base on the East side of the Misty Mountains.

Dwarves and dwarf items are big in this game. Get Thorin with Orcrist and Dain with the Dwarven Ring, then Bilbo with the One Ring and you shouldn’t have much trouble (what an understatement!)

March 16, 1996

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12. "We are Sailing!"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:07 pm

"We are Sailing!"
Deck Design by Bruce Mason

The premise of this deck is very simple, you spend your time in boats trying to stay away from your opponent's hazards. The primary source of marshalling points should be a bunch of factions in ports and a couple of palantri. The hazards for this deck can be very flexible. Here I'm using corruption because it doesn't require too many rares and denies your opponent MPs for killing creatures. This deck also works well with Nazgul hazards but that requires a lot of rares.

Wizard Alatar/Pallando. Pallando's hand expansion is very useful if you decide to use Nazgul hazards. Alatar's card supression and teleportation are probably more useful if you're playing corruption.

Starting: Cirdan, Bilbo, Annalena, Voteli, and Mablung.
On your first turn you can have Mablung follow Bilbo and either of the two sages follow Cirdan.
Back up characters:
Aragorn, Eomer, Imrahil, Anborn, Adrazar, Arwen, Beretar.
Minor Items: Star Glass for Bilbo, Horn of Anor for Cirdan.

(Required sites are in brackets)
Elves of Lindon (Grey Havens)
Men of Anfalas (Lond Galen)
Men of Lebinnin (Pelagir)
Knights of Dol Amroth (Dol Amroth)
Tom Bombadil (Old Forest)
Palantir of Elostirion (The White Towers)
Palantir of Amon Sul (Tolfalas or other site with greater items)
Align Palantir
Favor of the Valar
Great Ship *2
Fair sailing *2
Gates of Morning *2
Clear Skies
Praise to Elbereth
Dark Quarrels
Far Sight
Old Road
Old Friendship
Lordly Presence

Playing resources. Early on Cirdan will go adventuring but, eventually, he should end up at Grey Havens where you can use his abilities to cancel coastal attacks and keep an extra card in hand. Also you can use Old road on Cirdan at Grey Havens in an attempt to ally Rangers of the North. One sage should go with Bilbo to ally Tom Bombadil. They then go to The White Towers where the sage picks up the palantir of Elostirion and keeps Tom as a bodyguard. From there you should make use of the ability to remove corruption cards. The final quest is to go to Tolfalas to get the palantir of Amon Sul. This should end up at Grey Havens with Bilbo (yup) and an Align Palantir. Bilbo's sage skill is crucial here.

The main draw back to this is that your companies will be pretty weak. Remember however that you are trying to escape combat. Basically you want to stick to the coast and stay away from danger.

Drowning Seas
Lost at sea (keep control of the sea)
2 Twilight (Storms of osse!)
Balance of Things
Ren the Unclean
3 Lure of nature
Lure of Creation
3 Lure of Senses
3 Lure of expedience
2 The Burden of Time
2 Muster disperses
2 Call of Home
Tookish blood.

This should be relatively straight-forward to play.

Required sites are given in resources. You would also do well to have home sites for each of the characters, freeholds you can stop in, and copies of all of your opponent's sites ...) Note also the need for Eagle's Eyrie

At least 3 of The Precious/Will of The Ring/The Ring's betrayal
2Greed (swap with nature Lures against dwarf decks)
2Tookish blood
2 New Moon (for elves)
Elf Song (just in case)
Eagle Mounts
Anduril/Narsil/Reforging (The Stones and a site with info such as Weathertop)

You can use your sideboard to fine tune your corruption cards in cases of dwarf, hobbit or elf decks. If you spot your opponent playing the One Ring with Gollum then use a wizard or Cirdan with Eagle mounts to get to Gollum's company in a hurry and try to influence him away. It ain't easy but your opponent won't be expecting it. Finally, if you're losing too many MPs you can put in a sword that was broken quest. If you don't have the cards use a torque of hues and a couple of Dreams of Lore.

March 16, 1996

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13. "Here be Dragons (and Nazguls)."

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:09 pm

"Here be Dragons (and Nazguls)."
Deck Design by Mike Klassen

Sites: Every single one I have, which is all of them except The Stones.

: All of them


A haphazard lot. Basically, just high MP items and a few factions, in the event somehow all the hazards are defeated. I also put in a safety valve of the One Ring's destruction... just in case.

Items: Orcrist, Glamdring, Great Shield of Rohan, Narsil, Palantirs of Amon Sul, Annuminas, Orthanc, Minas Tirith, and Osgiliath, the Scroll of Isildur, Sword of Gondolin, Hauberks of Bright Mail, Mithril Coat

Gold Rings: (3) Precious Gold Rings, Dwarven Ring of Bavor's Tribe, The One Ring

Short Events: Cracks of Doom, (3) Old Friendships, (3) Friend or Three (3) Risky Blow, Paths of the Dead, Wizard's Test, Wizard's Flame, Vanishment, Wizard's River Horses

Permanent Events: (2) Reforging, Anduril: Flame of the West, (3) Fellowships, Return of the King

Factions: Southrons, Army of the Dead

Hazards: The Powerhouse!

Creatures: (3) Cave Drakes, (2) Crebain, (3)Watchers in the Water (2) Corsairs, Fell Turtle, (2) Orc Guard, (2) Slayer

Unique Creatures: Agburanar, Smaug, Daelomin, Lecaruth, Khamul, Witch-King, Akorahil, Dwar of Waw, Indur Dawndeath, Adunaphel, Ren the Unclean, Hoarmurath of Dir, Uvatha the Horseman

Short Events: (3) Fell Beasts, (3) Morgul Horses, (3) Dragon's Desolation

Long Events: Morgul Night

Permanent Events: (2) Doors of Night, Eye of Sauron, The Nagul's are Abroad


Starting: Aragorn, Thorin, Annalena

In the Deck: Glorfindel, Thranduil, Bifur, Bofur, Cirdan, Beorn, (2) Saruman, Sam, Frodo, Bilbo

The Method Behind the Madness:

You kill your opponent. Try to get Doors of Night out ASAP. Then play Eye of Sauron and Morgul Night. Suddenly, all forests are Shadow Lands and all shadow lands are Dark Domains. Ouch! Then you have a two punch combo that is nigh impossible to beat. If he heads anywhere on the mainland, hit him with Crebain to soften him up and then a Fell Beast or Morgul Horse enhanced Nazgul or two. If he retreats to the coast, play the Corsairs, Fell Turtle and Watchers in the Water. Anytime he goes to a ruins or lair, hit 'em with the Cave Drakes and Dragon's Desolation Enhanced Dragons. If he somehow manages to survive all that, bring out the One Ring and toss it it Mount Doom. A key to winning is to remain yourself on the coast as long as possible. Use Tolfalas, Himring and the Isles of the Dead that live to play some protective items. This hopefully will make you powerful enough to survive forays into the Shadow land infested main land.

As for the characters, Saruman is just too cool for a wizard (recycles spells!), the Hobbits are good ring bearers, and I threw in a Dwarf, just in case the Dwarven ring was played. Everyone else is just doing escort duty. If your opponent survives all the hazards played, he deserves to win!

April 2, 1996

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14. "Go Burgle Something"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:10 pm

"Go Burgle Something"
by Rob Waldo

Basic Idea:

This deck is based on Thorin's comment to Bilbo in The Hobbit. "Well, your'e the burguler, so GO BURGLE SOMETHING!" It thus relies on the optional burglaring rules on page 41 of the rule book. The idea is that a starting party of hobbits goes around all the dangerous places in Middle Earth using avoidance cards and a very small party size to steal great riches from the forces of the Enemy.
Sites: I can't see the point in limiting your options by not playing with all the sites that you have, but I suggest that you use sites that you can get Greater Items, Major Items, and gold rings at (Moria and Goblin Gate are good). Also necessary are:

Bag End
Eagles Erie
The Old Forest
the Havens

For region movement again put in all the regions that you have, espically the ones that allow you to move around to the sites you are using.

Starting Characters:

Sam Gamgee
Robin Smallburrow
starting items can be Elven Cloaks or Healing Herbs

Other Characters:

Aragorn II
Thorin II
Glorfindel II


This deck doesn't depend on any particular wizard. I like to use Gandalf and Alatar.

Resources: 40

Concelement (x3), Halfling Stealth (x3), Stealth (x3), Halfling Strength (x3), Lucky Search (x2), Rescue Prisioners (x2), Gates of Morning (x2), Ents of Fangorn, Riders of Rohan, Precious Gold Ring (x3), Favor of the Valar, Gwaihir, The Mithril Coat, Goldberry, Glamdring, Gollum, Lesser Ring, Magic Ring of Nature, Magic Ring of Stealth, Narsil, Orcrist, Red Arrow, Torque of Hues, Sting, Ringlore (x3)

Resource Strategy:

The hobbits go around using their small party size and "Stealth" (and Concelemnet, etc.) to get to very bad places (eg. Moria). There they "burgle" the site, possibly play a Rescue Prisioners, and a Lucky Search (only play the Lucky search early in the game as that is when your play deck is full of items). If the burgling is unsuccessful, a Halfling Stealth or Magic Ring of Steath (you get the idea) can be used to save your poor hobbit, and if not, their high body will keep them alive long enough for a Halfling Strength to be used.

There is anoter aspect of this deck. Since you use Ringlore to ID the rings, it doesn't matter what ring you have (beautiful, precious, etc.) So When you give Bilbo a Precious Gold ring, then birng out Gandalf, and get Gollum, your oponent will run to his sideboard to get out his anti-One Ring cards and keep them in his hand, doing him no good.

: 40

Twilight (x3), Lure of the Senses (x3), Lure of Nature (x3), The Burden of Time (x3), Lure of Creation (x2), Lure of Expedience (x3), Arouse Denizens (x3), Awaken Denizens (x3), Greed (x3), Lure of Power, Mouth of Sauron, Ren the Unclean, The Balance of Things, Tookish Blood (x3), Traitor, Weariness of the Heart (x3), Despair of the Heart (x3)

Hazard Strategy

I use a corruption stratgey with this deck because these cards are easy to play on you opponent, and with a lot of hobbits, cards like Ren the Unclean and The Balance of Things are unlikely to backfire on you. The Tookish Bloods are also useful for getting rid of hobbits that your opponent has in play so you can play them on your turn (sideboard contains "A Chance Meeting").

: 15

A Chance Meeting (x3), Praise to Elbereth (x2), Muster (x2), Muster Disperses (x3), Shelob, Will of the Ring, The Precious, Theoden, Eomer

Notes: This deck works great against big hazards that only have a few strikes (eg. Nazgul), but hazards with many strikes (Wolves with "Wake of War" or undead with "Plague of Wights") can be a problem. So never allow a Doors of Night to remain in play if you can help it, and try to keep you party size at three or lower. Corruption cards are not a big worry. It is a big deck, but I couldn't find a way to make it any smaller. It's fun and it has worked for me so far.

April 2, 1996

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15. "To kill the Nine"

Post by kweniston » Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:11 pm

"To kill the Nine"
Deck Design by Geoffrey Scott Mercer

General Purpose: We're going where no one else dares: Sauron's lands. We don't give a damn about Nazgul, orcs, or anything else.

Starting Characters: Faramir, Eowyn, Yvgavril, Peath
Other Characters: Galva, Haldalam, 2xRadagast
Starting Minor Items: Dagger of Westernessee (for Peath), Black Arrow (for Eowyn)


3xGates of Morning, 3xClear Skies, 2xRisky Blow, 2xDark Quarrels, Southrons, Variags, Easterlings, Rangers of Ithilien, Men of Dorwinion, 3xFellowships, Orcrist, Glamdring, Narsil, Sword of Gondolin, Thorough Search, The Cock Crows, Favor of the Vaalr.


3xTwilight, Bane of the Ithil Stone, Mouth of Sauron, 3x Call of Home, 4xDragons (Agburanar, Daelomin, Leucarth, Smaug), 3xDragon's Desolation, 3xCave Drake, Hoarmurath of Dir, Uvatha the Horseman, 2xDoors of Night, 1xLure of Nature, 2xSlayer.


The Cock Crows, 3xMuster Disperses, 2xAssassin, 2xLure of Nature, The Balance of Things, Balrog of Moria, Doors of Night, The Will of The Ring, 2xDespair of the Heart, Tookish Blood.

The Play:

Go down to the Southeast, get a couple of those huge factions, and then go to someplace nasty like Barad-Dur, then play Orcrist, Thorough Search, & Narsil to put you over the top. At any opportunity, play Clear Skies & Fellowships to pump up your characters. Dare your opponent to play Nazgul. Double Dare 'em. On the Hazard side of the equation, its Dragons mostly. The Lure of Nature & Slayer are for juicy surprises. The Nazguls are to boost/retrieve Dragons, and activate the sideboard. With the Sideboard, pull the cards most likely to mess up your opponent. With a faction strategy, get the Muster Disperses & Assassins. If they play One Ring, get the Balance, Lures, & Will of the Ring. The Balrog can punish the player of Galadriel (and you too, so watch it.)

April 2, 1996

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