[Minion Resources] - Lonely Lieuts.

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[Minion Resources] - Lonely Lieuts.

Post by Ûvatha » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:10 am

Hello there,

I'm sure that someone has already posted a similar deck, but i'm gonna go ahead and post mine too, so here ot goes:

Starting Characters:

Lieut. of Morgul - Blazon of the Eye
Lieut. of Angmar - Foul Smelling Paste

Characters in deck:

3x Hoarmûrath the Ringwraith

Resources (31):

3x Ruse
3x Hoarmûrath Unleashed
3x Down, Down to Goblin Town
3x Bold Thrust
2x Dark Tryst
2x Voices of Malice
2x Bade to Rule
2x Weigh All Things to a Nicety
Great Army of the North
Grey Mountain Goblins
Orcs of Mirkwood
Orcs of Gundabad
The Arkenstone
Thong of Fire
The Mithril Coat

Key Sideboard cards:

Orcs of Moria and Orcs of Dol Guldur (in case you don't get one of the other 4)
War-Wolf and Regiment of Black Crows (backups for Blackbole)
Palantír of Annúminas
Long Grievous Siege
Prone to Violence

The deck should be pretty fast, the concept of this deck is that the Lts. are by themselves, either geting factions of geting items, and cancelling things with either Ruse (Lt. of Angmar) or Hoarm. Unleashed for both of them.
Shagrat and a fellow then comes in and get whatever is missing, either the ally or more factions in order to get the 2 MP from the Great Army.

Maybe i should add Tros Hesnef to the starting company to go with the Lieut. of Morgul but it could reduce my odds of succesfully playing the factions, so i don't know.

I have some doubts about maybe droping the 3x Bold Thrusts and adding 3x Crept Along Cleverly instead.

MP Breakdown:

Characters: 9
Items: 6 - 9
Factions: 12 - 14
Allies: 2 - 4
Misc: The odd kill pt. but i'm not counting on any !

Total: 30 - 37

So, what do you guys think ??

Thanks in advance for your comments !

Darth Troilo on G.A.B. White Mithril Team.

Old Tuk
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Post by Old Tuk » Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:02 am

You might already know that lots of people stick 3x River and some Unexpected Outposts in their decks.  :?

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Post by Kees » Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:43 pm

Also, if you start with two troll leaders in one company, then you have to use Orders from Lugburz instead of one starting minor item.

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Post by Marcos » Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:13 pm

as i told him in the spanish forum, my starting compañy would be lt of angmar and odoacer + strange rations / lt of morgul and uchel + foul smelling paste, so rivers will be a problem but not as much as before... obviously, the idea is not to move both trolls together in same company

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Post by stone troll » Mon Nov 19, 2007 4:04 pm

I would add the crept alongs as your opponent can play the ever popular tidings of bold spies +/- unabated in malice on the dragon lairs and many people play a couple of ahunts (down, down, down will not help vs. ahunts, Hoarmurath is your only sage and Bold Thrust may not be enough vs. big ahunt or the dragon aa).

Also, I would can one Bade to Rule and add a third Dark Tryst.

I assume this is vs. heroes.  Otherwise, 3x Hoarmurath Unleashed in deck is too many (minion opponent may get H first and then you have 3 dead cards).

Overall,  a nice deck that one could keep as is or tweak...a matter of personal taste.  :)

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