[Hero deck] Wandering round magnificences of Middle-earth

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[Hero deck] Wandering round magnificences of Middle-earth

Post by Fangorn » Sat Oct 27, 2007 11:08 pm

This deck is no doubt very odd, because it is based neither on effectiveness nor on thematic ... but on an illustrator !
It is indeed an homage to my favorite illustrator Angus McBride : it only uses cards with artwork by Angus McBride (except for sites), and uses whenever possible each card with artwork by Angus McBride.

Thus the goal is very simple : enjoy Middle-earth through the vision of Angus McBride.
After all, one of the reasons of the success - past and current - of MeCCG is the great artworks.

Perhaps this deck will give ideas to create decks based on other great illustrators like John Howe, Ted Nasmith and Alan Lee.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Aragorn II
Gamling the Old

In deck
Dain II
Denethor II

Not in deck

Sites (among all)

Minas Morgul
Mount Gundabad



Resources (MA = hero card with minion artwork)

Hillmen (MA)
Dunlendings (MA)
Easterlings (MA)
Variags of Khand (MA)
Southrons (MA)
Haradrim (MA Corsairs of Umbar)
Palantir of Osgiliath (MA)
Tom Bombadil
Block *3
Lucky Strike *3
Risky Blow *3
Vanishment *3
Fellowship *2
Fireworks *2
Mirror of Galadriel


Ambusher (TW)
Ambusher (LE)
Brigands (TW)
Ghouls (TW)
Old Man Willow
Thunder Companion
Sea Serpent
Will Fell Beast
Winged Fire-drake
Arouse Denizens (TW)
Arouse Minions
Awaken Denizens (TW)
Awaken Minions
Incite Denizens (TD)
Incite Minions
Minions Stir
Redoubled Force
Foolish Words
The Ring's Betrayal
Despair of the Heart (TW)
Despair of the Heart (LE)


Dwarves are upon You !
Helm of her Secrecy
Wizard's Test
The Nazgul are Abroad
The Will of Sauron
Cunning Foes
Veils Flung Away
Exhalation of Decay
Spells of the Barrow-wight
Incite Denizens (LE)

Cards not used

Barrow-downs (H)
Beorn's House (M)
Dale (M)
Lake-town (M)
Rhosgobel (M)
Wellinghall (M)

Being of course not competitive, the goal is to avoid a defeat.

Indeed, there are several drawbacks.
- only one ranger character with Aragorn, moreover vs. hero one of the most used (very high chance to be bounce during character draft, and Strider not available).
- no minor item available for starting company
- only one item (Palantir of Osgiliath), moreover one of the most hard to keep (in order to move with, company size must be at least 4), and at best to be played at only two sites (Minas Morgul or Mount Gundabad) with some inconsistency with hazards (for example Redoubled Force).
- very spread out resources (factions around Mordor, factions and allies in Eriador, ...) and allies with mouvement restrictions (Tom Bombadil, Treebeard).
- some resources to be played at the same site (Golberry and Tom Bombadil, Southrons and Haradrims) with only one suitable sage for fireworks (wizard).
- lots of factions but no influence roll enhancer
- no defense against hazard permanent-event without Marvels Told or Glamour of Surpassing Excellance
- no defense against environment strategy without Gates of Morning or Twilight
- no recycling without Smoke Rings or An Unexpected Outpost and useless sideboard

Nonetheless hazards may hinder a lot because it is mostly based on fighting (creatures and auto-attacks) and cover a large variety of region/site.

Strategy is to let Alatar  - hopefully vs. hero - gather factions around Mordor, being helped by Vanishment and lots of warrior cards.
The main company gather other ressources, being very carefull with Palantir of Osgiliath which must be stored quickly.

Because the deck uses no sideboard at all and no trick, and uses the most beautiful cards, it may be an alternative to challenge decks for beginners to discover the game.
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Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:47 pm

Indeed, there are several drawbacks: very spread out resources (factions around Mordor), no defense against hazard permanent-event without Marvels Told
So basically, if you play against a Liz Danforth deck you're toast  :wink:

At Worlds 2003 I played against a Japanese player (so sorry but I forgot his name), just a casual game and he asked me to pay attention to the theme in his deck. At the end of the game I wracked my brains but I really couldn't figure out the theme, so he told me: he had used only cards starting with the letter A...

Improvised play is always cool, so artist based decks might be fun, though I doubt there's anything to be made that actually resembles a deck, other than Angus McBride. Angelo Montanini maybe? Try Audrey Corman, you'll be playing only swords and eating cookies!
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Post by Shapeshifter » Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:05 pm

I like the idea. But it´s very hard to construct playable decks. My favorite artist is Rob Alexander.
My character(s) would be Thranduil with Elven-cloak trying to get three Valiant Swords. There would be no more MP sources. Return of the King needs Aragorn. I will never reach the 12 creature limit with Bairanax, Bairanax at home and Bairanax ahunt.
Other resources: Fair travels in border-lands, Mountains of Shadow, Wizard´s River-horses and Sacrifice of Form (without a Wizard!?).
If you play with a Wizard there are only three artist choices anyway.
Maybe extend the idea to three artists for one deck?
It will be easier to construct decks consisting only of cards beginning with the same letter (wouldn´t it?). I will try it with 'B'.

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Post by ActualNewby » Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:52 pm

After all, one of the reasons of the success - past and current - of MeCCG is the great artworks.
I had never considered just how important the artwork is to game enjoyment. But you are right, I conciously/subconciously avoid even powerful cards with terrible art (think akhorahil unleashed/elf lord revealed in wrath/ foul smelling paste - Lidless Eye was a set of extremes when it came to the artwork).

Sand-Drake, on the other hand, has some fantastic artwork. Cheers Angus!
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Post by Pikachu » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:18 am

I had not noticed this thread/deck before.

Nice idea Franck! I also enjoy Angus McBride's illustrations.

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Post by Bandobras Took » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:02 pm

I was always partial to Angelo Montannini's stuff, myself.

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