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Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 12:17 am
by Zarathustra
I think the confusion above is due to the links through the numeral '1' being different in my post and Kris's.  I linked to Manuel's deck, and Kris linked to A Short Game.

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 12:26 am
by Tegarend
I had meant to use 3 instead ... :|

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:26 am
by Manuel
Hehe, no problem at all, Kris, I should have known.

I'll take your advice on the GoM thing btw, fizzling stuff with Many Turns and Doublings is tech! (combined with Tom's ability is abusive, though)


Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 1:59 am
by Manuel
Hey Kris, just a few questions on strategy about your deck...

Pallando squats at Grey Havens or does he move? I assume you play some 3MP character under him too, but which characters go to the deck after the draft is done? Why not playing Radagast to maximize card draw?

Nats are coming and I would like to show some of the spanish players that hero is as consistent as minion or FW, despite their comments :)

Thanks in advance.

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:21 am
by Tegarend
Best case scenario : start strider, Cirdan, Elfbrother

Try to play 8-minders before going to Beorn in the draft in case of bounces.

The other two elf-brothers in the deck, they are to be chance met by Strider/Cirdan - who normally split up turn 1.
Thorin and Glorfindel in the deck (add Beorn if either of these is in the opponent's company) - Pallando will control one of them (preferably Thorin, but Glorfindel if you draw him first, play both if Cirdan or Strider dies) and sit at Grey Havens until the Elves are played, then he teams up with one of your other companies (preferably the one with Durin's Axe, so Thorin can get it - with pledge of conduct if necessary).

Pallando for the possibility to start at Grey Havens

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:20 pm
by kober
Tegarend - maybe it's a bit lame question, but where to preferably play those major items?

Thanks in advance :)

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:47 pm
by Tegarend
Well, one obviously in Tom area (Barrow-downs), the other one at Himring (if  you come from The Grey Havens, that is ... Pallando + Thorin for example - don't forget that Many Turns and Doublings also has a non-GoM text :P) or at Ruined Signal Tower (close to Dunnish Clanhold).