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[hero;vs minion] Hobbit Dragon Land Raiding Party

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 2:18 pm
by Manuel
Initially, this was the deck I built for my girlfriend to teach her how to play ME:CCG. Having used it myself lately, I have been surprised at how well it does perform. Here's the decklist:

Starting characters:

Fatty Bolger (with cram)
Sam Gamgee
Bilbo (with Horn of Anor)
Robin Smallburrow

Other characters in deck:

Pallando x3

Resources (30)

Emerald of the Mariner
The Mithril-Coat
Thror's map

Iron Hill Dwarves
Men of Dorwinion

Noble steed x2

Stealth x3
Concealment x3
Halfling strenght x3
Halfling stealth x2
Smoke rings
A friend or three x2
Marvels told x2
Promptings of Wisdom x2
Forearmed is forewarned

Hazards (30)

Witch-King of Angmar
Uvatha the Horseman
Gandalf the White Rider
Lady of the Golden Wood
My precious
Lobelia SackVille-Baggins
Mouth of Sauron
Daelomin at Home
Ice drake
Chill douser x3
Stirring bones x2
Wisp of pale seen x2
The moon is dead x2
Twilight x3
River x2
An unexpected outpost x2
Hedless Revelry x2

Key Sideboard Cards:

A friend or three
Elves of Lindon
Alliance of Free Peoples
Marvels Told
Withdrawn to Mordor x2
Orc mail
Halfling stealth
Incite Denizens x2 (what happens when you don't own any Unabated in Malice...)
Nameless thing x2
the way is shut x2


The deck is quite simple, it was built for a beginner to learn playing, so it shouldn't present any difficulties to be used. Basically send your hobbits to dragon land for items, and everytime you go to play either Easterlings or Men of Dorwinion, try to have at least one noble steed to play.

Pallando is played at Grey Havens, waits for Cirdan and sideboards the Elves of Lindon. That means 10 cards in hand, 11 if you manage to play the Emerald.

Hobbits are quite safe to play, although you might find some troubles:

Beorning Skin Changers: The reason why you have Promptings of Wisdom x2 in the deck.

Rivers: If you have stealths, enough concealments or steeds ready, the cram belongs to Sam. However, one halfling strenght is enough for a couple of rivers - remember that your hobbits have HL of 2, so normally you won't face more than 2 rivers.

Lobelia Sackville with Pilfer: There are a couple of Withdrawn to Mordor in the sideboard, which you should grab with your wizard if you see an agent played and you haven't revealed your Lobelia yet.

3 Assassins: Fatty Bolger will ALWAYS be the target of assassins. If forearmed is not in table, usually you should be able to tap hobbits, play concealments, stealths, and then use halfling's strenght to untap some of them. Forearmed helps but then there's one attack you can't cancel - however, steeds and halfling stealth can cancel the strike.

All in all, a quite simple but effective deck, that scores big MPs faster than I imagined when I built it for the first time; does better vs minions because of hobbits being bounced in the draft.

Hazards are a mixture of the classic stuff with some undead boost; undead are fine because they can hit most of the minion decks, from the beefy dragon land raiders to the cheezy Mordor squatters.

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 7:42 pm
by Balin son of Fundin
Very effective and simple deck, it really is.

Only a few remarks: why do you need Twilight x3? Against minions, the only reason I’ve found to use twilights is to counter the Doors of Night-Snowstorm strategy, but you don’t need them because of Promptings of Wisdom.

I prefer a deck of my own, quite similar to this one, starting Folco Boffin instead of Bilbo. In that way you have 7 GI free instead of 5, which means you only need a 3-4 roll against  cards like Call of Home, Tookish Blood or Muster Disperses. If you starts Bilbo you would need a 5-6 roll, which could make the difference between scoring 4 MP or not (Muster Disperses targeting Easterlings, for example).  There would be no sage in the starting company, I know, but you can sideboard Marvels Told later and use them when Pallando and Cirdan are in play.

Anyway, this is a nice deck and a nice player!  8)

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 8:58 pm
by Sauron
I believe prompting of wisdom only stops 1 effect, so if they get sent back AND tap the site, they would be screwed.

1 thing, I don't have a copy of forewarned with me at work, but can the strike of the attack be canceled?  If so, just use hobbit strike canceler.

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 9:03 pm
by Manuel
Brian has it right, Promptings only prevents one effect, so you could effectively be screwed by this.

However, you can still tap Sam for effect 1, and then untap him with Halfling's strenght and tap him for effect 2.

This is an old version of this deck. In the following versions, I only pack 1-2 twilights (like the one I used at nats) and use Orc hazards with him instead of the usual Undead ones; orc hazards need more combos to work, but the large handsize of this deck (11 with emerald, cirdan and pallando) allows them.

And yes, halfling stealth can effectively cancel a strike even if Forearmed is on table (and so does Noble Steed and Fatty, although he is usually the target of most assassins) However, by playing this deck I've learned that the best way to go is having a Stealth handy everytime you move to a  :F: or :B:

Playing Folco instead of Bilbo might be safer, yes. However, that extra DI, extra sage, and extra character MP helps a lot too. And after all, playing Bilbo is cooler ;)

I am starting to think about a similar deck to this but used with FW (although it seems Mark anticipated on that...) Pallando seems my initial way to go, as I tend to like the extra hand size :) I'm not entirely convinced, though, as I'd lose the Alliance and the big MP factions.

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 9:11 pm
by Manuel
Some changes to the deck:

Mithril Coat to SB
+1 Promptings of Wisdom
-1 Forearmed is Forewarned
+1 Smoke Rings

This is the hazard portion I'm currently using with it:

My Precious
Lady of the Golden Wood
Daelomin at home
Nameless thing
Orc liet x3
uruk liet x3
Doors of Night x3
Doubled Vigilance x2
Darkness under tree
An unexpected outpost x2
Minions stir x3