[NetRep] CoE Rulings Digest #125

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[NetRep] CoE Rulings Digest #125

Post by miguel » Fri May 31, 2013 12:04 pm

Heart Grown Cold's effect is simply applied w/out a chain of effects, there is no time to respond.

I play The Great Hunt and choose opponent’s discard pile. If I don’t defeat a revealed creature, does it get discarded, then revealed again by The Great Hunt?
Yes, you resolve the combat normally and then continue with The Great Hunt.

Can you put minion minor items under Armory?
As a Fallen-wizard, no. As a Hero player you can, and they count towards gaining the Armory marshalling point.

Is an imprisoned Ringwraith impossible to rescue if once freed he would be violating company composition rules?
Yes, the freeing effect would be cancelled and the Ringwraith would remain imprisoned. On a related note, a released Ringwraith follower must be controlled by your Ringwraith by the end of your next organization phase or that Ringwraith follower is discarded.

If a company must return to its site of origin and that site card is no longer in play, it (or the resource card that acted as the site) must be returned back into play in the same orientation that it left. It does not matter where that site card is, it is returned even from out of play.

If a company simply loses its site card, all the characters are discarded. For example, this happens to a company using Wondrous Maps played with a Crown of Flowers if someone Twilights that Crown of Flowers.

Characters getting released from cards like Sack Over the Head need to be able to either join a company already at the site, or their player must be able to provide a site card for them from his location deck. Otherwise the released characters are discarded.

Effects that reassign strikes affect only the order or assigning strikes, not the eligibility to face a strike. For example, Alatar may teleport to a company facing Neeker-breekers, but he cannot face a strike from them.

Radagast is able to play Radagast's Black Bird even if he is tapped or wounded.

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