[NetRep] CoE Rulings Digest #124

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[NetRep] CoE Rulings Digest #124

Post by miguel » Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:59 pm

Can Eagle-mounts be played on a company with Orcs/Trolls and Lindion the Oronin?

May a wizard influence an opponent’s resource the turn he comes back after a Sacrifice of Form?
No, playing your avatar is revealing him.

Can you play And Forth He Hastened on Saruman to take a spell in the end of turn phase?
No, Saruman gets to use his ability only at the beginning of the end-of-turn phase. Once you play AFHH during the end-of-turn phase, it is no longer the beginning.

If Echoes of the Song forces you to discard a stage card, can you discard any hazard or site card giving stage points?
No. While other cards may affect your stage point total, only stage resources are actual stage cards.

How does Left Behind interact with attacks that have one strike for each character?
If strikes are allocated to at least five characters, Left Behind becomes playable.

When influencing an opponent's resource or character, Webs of Fear and Treachery reduces the opponent's roll to zero. Same applies for the -5 across alignment influencing penalty.

Even though the corruption checks from Greed are not triggered by a passive condition, they are treated that way for the purposes of timing.

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