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Hob and Nob: The Battle for Bree (ME:HaNtBfB)

Icy Crown proudly announces the upcoming expansion for Middle-earth the
Wizards, Middle-earth: Hob and Nob, the Battle for Bree! (ME:HaNtBfB)™
"One Thing to pule them all, One Thing to whine them. One Thing to
bring them all, and in the Prancing Pony bind them!"
Now you can play the role of one of the hobbits of Bree, Hob or Nob, in
their effort to unite the people of Bree under their sometimes silly but
always benevolent leadership. Your path can take two routes: you can
try to marshal the people and pets to your banner or you can seek out
the One Thing (which no one knows exactly what it is, but it is round
and pink)!

Don’t miss these Exciting Expansions!

The Drag Inns - Explore a darker side of Bree, as you visit dens of
iniquity and intrigue! Featuring cards such as Frilly Dress and Marbles
Bold, as well as insidiuos new hazards Look At Her Roots, and Funky


Dark Onions - What Middle-earth game could be complete without agents
and underdeeps sites? This set takes you to the deepest root cellars of
Bree, UnderBree! Dank Sewers and Dark Cellar are only two of the many
basements of dread lurking under Bree! Now Agents such as Hob’s Cousin
and Town Drunk can move from site to site, stalking your enemies'


Lipless Mouth - Yes, the darkest secret of Bree rears it’s ugly head in
this stand alone expansion. Now you can play the
Ring-around-the-collar-wraiths as they vie to make Bree a not so nice
place anymore. In addition to staining collars willy-nilly in an effort
to cause marital strife in Bree, each wraith seeks to control the One

Against the Shade Tree - You won’t be able to sleep you’ll be so
excited! Featuring Cutting some Z’s, and Big Snore, this set fully
integrates Lipless Mouth with ME:HaNtBfB. Look for powerful cards such
as Alone and Stupid, and The Last Aligning of the Rose Bushes.

The Widest Ham - Play a laconic-hobbit! Yes, new versions of Hob and
Nob allow you to play indifferent hobbits, bent upon doing nothing but
eating! You must collect the most food points, or win by finding the
Widest Ham!

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